Doc Martin boots in snow

5 Pairs of Lug Sole Boots to Wear Right Now

Chunky styles have reigned supreme in the footwear department for several seasons now, and boots are not immune to the trend. Lug sole boots are having a major moment – and are likely to stick around as they are both stylish and practical for stomping through the snow, just what a girl on the go needs! Below, check out a few iterations of the style to find your perfect pair.

  1. 1. Platform Boots

    You can't go wrong with Dr. Martens, the OG lug sole boots. Try this platform style for a fun update.

    Shop here, $200

  2. 2. Knee High Boots

    A favorite among fashion bloggers everywhere, these boots keep selling out. Not only do they feature a lug sole, but they're tall, making them an ideal winter boot. Zara really did something when creating these.

    Shop here, $69.99

  3. 3. Chelsea Boots

    Perfect for everyday wear, and offered in a huge range of colors, textures and patterns. These Dolce Vitas are the perfect way to try out the lug sole trend.

    Shop here, $140

  4. 4. Rain Boots

    Need a waterproof boot, but not willing to sacrifice on style? These are for you! Bonus points for the unique green color!

    Shop here, $79.99

  5. 5. White Boots

    White boots are have been trending on their own, but paired with a lug sole? Show-stopping.

    Shop here, $219.95