5 Minimalist Tattoos That Can Be Easily Hidden

Scrolling through Pinterest, I've seen so many tiny tattoos that have inspired me to get some of my own. I'm slightly afraid of needles, so getting a small, hidden tattoo is something I could definitely see myself doing. Also, small tattoos won't take long and they won't break the bank. This is for all my girls who want to be a part of team tatted but want to start small!

1. Below the ankle

This placement by your foot is great to keep a tiny tattoo like this one hidden. It can be easily covered up by a sock or shoe. 

2. Finger tattoo

Though it is in plain sight, it's harder to see because it's already on a small area of skin. Finger tattoos are something you will see everyday when you look down at your hands, so think about what you want to see before going to get it.

3. Side boob

This is a smart place to put a tattoo if you're worried about anyone seeing it. It'll be hidden under a shirt or a bra depending on exactly where you want it! 

4. Wrist

Though this isn't technically hidden, it's not an "in your face" kind of tattoo. It doesn't have to go across your whole wrist, maybe it's something smaller. Either way, it is a good placement because it's on the inside of your wrist.

5. Behind the ear

Getting a tattoo behind your ear can be hidden by your hair, and even if you have shorter hair, it'll only show if someone is directly behind you. 


Now that you're in the "tattoo mood," it's time to go out and look for one perfect for you!