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5 Easy Steps on How to Create a Perfect Email Signature For Every Occasion

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kent State chapter.

Need a professional email signature to email back to your professors? Want a stand-out ending for that flawless email to get your dream job? Want others to remember you? Listed below are some of the best tips to confidently end any email with the proper information, and tie off the email in a bow. 

1. Hello, I’m

Yes, adding your name might seem simple but it is very important for your professor, employer, peers and anyone else to get to be familiar with you- especially in the digital world. Make sure your name is in bold or some form of font that makes it stand out but also legible. For me, I have my name in bold and in my favorite color- purple!

2. Pronouns

Alongside your name, put your pronouns next to it. Not only will this allow others to confidently address you/ prevent misgendering, but it normalizes the idea of pronoun usage in society. Pronouns go after your name like such: Ally Greco (She/Her/They), Jane Doe (They/Them)

3. Job Descriptions

If you have a certain title such as Resident Assistant, President of a club, Assistant, Manager, CEO or anything that is used to identify you- add it! I would advise being cautious of adding too much information, so wisely pick what you identify most with/ what you want others to know.

Pro Tip: If you own a company or have an office location that you are willing to share- include that! This also implies an office/ cell phone number. When I was a Resident Advisor, I included my number in my email signature so that my residents could call me when needed. This is something that you don’t need to do but if it applies to your situation I recommend it!

4. She doesn’t even go here

For my babes in academics, include your university of schooling, graduation year and major/minors! It is another way for others to identify you. This is especially useful when you are emailing potential employers. Having your degree listed will allow others to recognize that you will have the proper background knowledge to get into the career field!

5. Sincerely from…

Make sure to have an ending such as thank you for your time, sincerely, best wishes, can’t wait for your response, with appreciation, respectfully – the list goes on and on! Pick an ending that best fits the email topic to tie everything off smoothly. For example, if you are emailing your professor about a question regarding class: “thank you for your time” would be a proper ending- while an email to one of your work besties can be: “see you soon!”

Pro Tip: You can have multiple signatures for different circumstances. I like to have a signature that I send to my professors and another one to send out to potential employers. 

How to Organize your signature

Thank you for your time,

Jane Doe (She/Her/They


*University* *Year of graduation* : *Degree*

Email: JaneDoe123@gmail.com & Office Phone: 111-111-111

Ally Greco

Kent State '24

Heya! My name is Ally. As a recent transfer student to Kent University, I want to share my experiences, thoughts, and passions. I am a 3rd year majoring in Psychology- hence the mental health articles. I have an orange cat named Pumpkin who is five years old.