4 Looks To Go With That Basic Blazer

We all have that one blazer in the back of our closet that we say "I'll wear it someday." Well, here are four looks to transform that basic blazer into the staple wardrobe piece it deserves to be:

1. Graphic Tee and Your Fav Jeans

This look is all over your Instagram feed, you've probably seen your favorite celebrities sporting the jeans and graphic tees trend. Adding a blazer to this go-to look makes for a simple and comfy outfit. Perfect for a Monday morning when you're still recovering from the weekend but don't wanna look like it. 

2. Blazer + Dress Pants = Boss Babe

Dress pants and a simple top can be a great look for when you want to nail that interview or call the shots in your next meeting. Pairing this look with a blazer adds a finishing touch for a true boss babe look. Elevate this look by adding a small bracelet or watch.


3. Denim for Dates

Don't know what to wear on your next date? Try a denim skirt and a plain shirt, then throw your blazer on top. It creates a fun, flirty look, keeping things light and cute. To keep it fun you can opt to accessorize with your favorite scrunchie or headband.

4. Calm, Cool, Casual

This is a perfect casual Friday outfit, when you have to stroll into that last 11 am class for the week. T-shirt and trousers with a basic blazer make you look cool and collected but still providing comfort. This look can even be paired with sneakers to add to the casual vibes, or if you want to play it up wear your favorite loafers.