3 YouTubers to Subscribe to if You Like Minimalism

As someone who has spent hours upon hours scrolling through Pinterest in the hopes, I would learn the ways of minimal chic style, I am more than willing to get all the advice I can from Youtubers who have already mastered the look. While upon viewing this way of dressing seems self-explanatory and simple, you really have to have an eye for quality pieces and good accessorizing, as well as an eye for styling. If you also wish to explore a more chic sense of style, here is a list of three vloggers who could help.  

  1. 1. Emma Hill 

    Hill posts a wide array of fashion videos. In her Try-On series, she orders a variety of pieces from a certain brand and reviews the quality, fit and style. These videos are informative on the brand and product while also providing inspiration on how you could style the pieces chosen. Recently, Hill has begun exploring the world of vintage and re-sale shopping for more budget-friendly and sustainable content.

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  2. 2. The Anna Edit 

    With a new video every season on how she runs her capsule wardrobe, The Anna Edit is a great resource. She proves that fewer pieces do not mean fewer outfit options. In the 10 Items, 10 Outfits videos, she shows how looking put together throughout a trip does not mean you have to over-pack. These videos are also a great source for inspiration on how pieces can be layered and re-imagined in order to form a new minimal-chic outfit.

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  3. 3. ICovetThee

    Alix, of ICovetThee, posts try-on hauls and as well as outfits of the week videos. She sticks to a very neutral color palette and her style leans toward the more casual side of chic. A big plus to her channel is that she often shops at more affordable brands, making her suggestions easily obtainable.

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If you're on a journey toward a capsule wardrobe, or just need some new ideas on how to refresh your older pieces, these timeless ladies can help.