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26 Times I Fell More in Love with Harry Styles

In honor of the man, the myth, the legend and my husband, Harry Styles’ 26 birthday on February 1, I wanted to share 26 adorable, funny, remarkable and legendary memories of Harry Styles throughout the years. Be careful these might make you love him even more! Here are some of my favorite things Harry has done in his 26 years of life in no particular order.

Lights Up Video 

In this music video, Harry featured men and women dancing on him and all I have to say is, Harry Styles did THAT.  

The Brits Fiasco 

Back in 2014, One Direction won an award at the Brit Awards for the world’s biggest British act. Harry nearly missed accepting this award with his bandmates because he was in the bathroom. Harry saw on the TV that the boys were on stage, and he booked it to the stage and boy did he book it. Harry ran through the aisle to make it on stage in time. When he got there the mics even picked up him whispering,
“What did we win?”


One of my favorite moments of Harry was during the On the Road Again tour when the boys were in Canada. Harry performed a whole 10 part monologue about what he loved the most about Canada, most of them including poutine. I think I might be the only one who finds this hilarious, but it is just one of the many things I love the most about Harry. He’s unapologetically himself and doesn’t care how weird he’s being. Whenever I feel sad, I always find my way to this video.

All the Gucci Suits 

We all have our favorite suit that Harry has worn. My personal favorite? The red suit with the black roses. I would have killed to have seen him wear this in person. Harry even stated in an interview with GQ that all of his suits go into an archive, a frozen vault if you will. Harry went on to say he won’t disclose where it’s located in London. All I have to say is, can we have a museum exhibit with all of Harry’s Gucci suits?

Water bottle baptism 

I can’t speak for everyone, but one of my favorite memories from One Direction’s tours was when Harry would spit water during Better Than Words. Maybe I’m the weird one? Anyway, here’s a video of Harry’s best water spitting.

I’m tired and it’s winter

This is so relevant for this time of the year. Truly one of Harry’s most iconic lines.


Whether it was when he was on tour with One Direction or on his solo tour, Harry’s dancing is one of the many things that brings joy into my life. He has no idea what he is doing half the time, but he still goes for it. That’s one of the things I love about him. Some of my favorite dance moves were his aggressive air-punching during Teenage Dirtbag and his shoulder shrugs.


Leroy hmmm? Before Harry got his big acting debut he did some acting in One Direction. The boys filmed a music video for Best Song Ever, and they each played a role in a production company to help promote the band’s new movie. Marcel was the marketing guy, he was a dorky man trying to come up with 1D’s “new look.” I thought Harry looked absolutely adorable as Marcel, who doesn’t love a man in a sweater vest?

Oranges at the VMAs

If you were a One Direction fan you know the anxious feeling of searching for the boys in the crowd of award shows. One of Harry’s most Harry moments was when he was seen in the crowd at the VMAs peeling an orange bopping his head to the music. Harry then offered Rhianna, who was sitting in front of him, an orange which she denied. If this wasn’t enough for fans to handle, Harry admitted later he found the oranges in a box in an elevator so he took some. I truly love an idiot.

Twerking on national TV 

The moment where everyone said God bless Lucy Hale.

The Kilt

When Harry performed in Scotland on his first solo tour he wore a kilt. Enough said.

Not leaving the stage at his last solo tour concert

On Harry’s last show of his first solo tour, he refused to leave the stage. During Harry Styles: Live on Tour, Harry would end his set with “Kiwi,” but for his last show in Los Angeles, he sang “Kiwi,” three times before finally ending the tour. It looked like Harry was just as sad as the rest of us that his first tour was coming to an end.

His support for different causes

Harry has supported multiple different causes throughout his years. At every stop on Harry’s tour, he raised money for a different cause. He ended up raising about $1.2 million. Some of the causes Harry has donated and continues to support are; ending gun violence, March for our lives, Boston Strong, Black lives matter and LGBTQ+ rights. Harry truly sticks by his motto; treat people with kindness.

Leaving Taylor Swift stranded (sorry T-Swift fans)

Every time I think about this moment or this picture I can’t help but laugh. When Harry was supposedly dating Taylor Swift he left her stranded on a boat while he went to a party and hung out with his friends in a hot tub. This photo was released of Taylor waiting on Harry for their date while the photo of Harry in the hot tub was posted.

Performing with Stevie Nicks 

Harry Styles has performed with Stevie Nicks multiple times. He performed with her when he inducted her into the Rock n Roll Hall of fame, once on his tour and on his album release show. The two have performed Landslide and Stop Draggin’ my heart around. Styles has even took to saying “I Stevie Nicks that so hard.” Nicks has stated that Harry is like her adopted son. I can’t get enough of this friendship!

His Lizzo cover

Blame it on his juice! Harry Styles covered Lizzo’s Juice when he was on the Live Lounge for BBC Radio 1. If you need a pick me up or need your ears to be blessed, go watch this!

Do you know who you are?

Around the time Harry was gearing up to release his new single Lights Up, he created a website called doyouknowwhoyouare.com. On this website, fans can enter their name and a message from Harry pops up. Harry created this website on World Mental Health Day to help his fans when they are feeling down about themselves. The message I received was “Shelby, you’re a beautiful soul. TPWK Harry.” At the time these were words I needed to hear. I was second guessing myself at work, and I had just lost a best friend. This message hit home for me, and it reminded me of who I was. By creating this website it was Harry’s reminder that he will always be there for his fans when they need them.

When he told a fan to go to therapy

Before Harry released his first single two years after HS1, a fan tweeted Harry “I guess therapy can wait… HS2 and tour can’t.” Harry then responded with “Go to therapy, it’s important. I’ll wait for you.” At this moment I swore I couldn’t have more love for him, but he continues to prove me wrong.

“Physically I’m fine, emotionally I’m bruised”

During the On the Road Again tour, Harry took a big fall on stage, when asking if he was okay he claimed “Physically I’m fine, emotionally I’m bruised” and honestly I feel the same way, Harry. 

Woman are smarter

I will love this man forever. Harry has been recently seen wearing a tee shirt with the caption women are smarter, and we have every reason to stan.


I never thought I’d see the day where I would rush to the movie theater to see a war movie until Harry Styles was on the cast list. Harry played a minor role in Christopher Nolan’s film Dunkirk, but to be chosen by Nolan in the first place is incredible. Harry made his acting debut and even had others claiming how shocked they were by his performance.

Met Gala 

Harry Styles was a co-host for the annual Met Gala in 2019. Styles was chosen for his impeccable fashion taste and for breaking boundaries with his choices. He walked the carpet alongside Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele. Styles wore a black sheer lace top, high waisted trousers and heeled booties (Yes, I did say heeled). However, the star of the show was his dangly earring.

Kissing James Cordon 

Harry kissed the Late Late Show host James Corden when the two were on A League of Their Own, and it’s something I’ll never forget.

Working at a bakery 

If Harry wasn’t sweet enough, before One Direction became the world’s biggest boy band, Harry worked at a local bakery. Harry worked with old ladies, one even used to pinch his bum!

Harry and bananas 

Just another one of those moments that was so Harry. I think about them often. Whether it was being dressed up as a banana on stage, eating them on stage or “two bananas for a pound, three for a euro.” I think about these moments and laugh often.

Hosting SNL

Harry hit a huge milestone in his career when he hosted Saturday Night Live. There were so many amazing moments from this night. Just to highlight a few were when Harry shook his butt to end the night, the black sparkly suit and my personal favorite, the Sara Lee skit. We love a real king who can handle!

I could go on and on about how much I love Harry and all of the cute, funny, weird things he does, but we can do that for his next birthday. Happy 26 birthday Harry! Thank you for being you, thank you for being a rock in my life, thank you for making me happy on my bad days by just hearing your voice, thank you for always making me smile, thank you for getting me through my hardest days, thank you for everything. 

 Shelby Rabideaux is currently attending Kent State University. She is majoring in Digital Media Production and will have a minor in Fashion Media. Her love for entertainment and film came from actively going to concerts. She currently is on a TV show called The Blurb that focuses on entertainment news that her school produces. She dreams to be able to inspire others like how she was inspired. Shelby is currently the Campus Correspondent for Her Campus Kent State and the President where she strives to share her love for Her Camps with the Kent community. 
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