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22 Thoughts You Have While Choosing A Halloween Costume

Choosing a Halloween costume is harder than it seems. But, going through the same process year after year, it always works out.

1. Oh, I guess Halloween is next week; I should decide on something to be.

2. I’ll just find something cool and original on Pintrest.

3. I’ve seen all of these ideas already, thanks Pintrest.

4. Ugh my costume last year was so good; can’t I just use it again?

5. No, that’s dumb I can’t repeat.

6. But who is really going to remember?

7. Well, I do have a tutu laying around that could make me a fairy or something real quick.

8. But EVERYONE just throws on a tutu; I NEED to be original.

9. OH! I bet being (insert favorite pop star here) could be fun.

10. She’s just so cute and fun I’ll be her for sure!

11. Wait, I look nothing like her and can’t pull off anything she would wear.

12. I’ll just go to the gym a few times before and then we’ll basically look the same.

13. Wait, I just forgot that someone I know already said they were going to be her this year.

14. As long as we don’t take pictures together it should be okay, right?

15. Well now that I think about it I don’t know where to even get the right clothes, shoes or makeup.

16. I guess I’ll pick something else

17. I would make a great Ariel! Who doesn’t like her?

18. Also, that would be such a fun costume to wear and it would be great for pictures!

19. But, making the mermaid tail seems very difficult and I don’t even have red hair.

20. This is getting very complicated I just want something simple.

21. I bet those Minnie Mouse ears are still in my drawer from that time I went to Disney World 3 or 4 years ago.

22. Yep there they are. Minnie Mouse it is!

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