2017 was the Year for Music

First of all, let me admit that I am bias towards music. There are artists and genres I prefer over others. 

So there is your little disclaimer, the albums and artists I am about to hype up are my personal favorites. While I am sure your top albums of 2017 are great choices and received amazing reviews, I am only going to address the ones that I have been listening to all year long. 

Here it is...my year in music. 

Ed Sheeran's Divide

This beautiful album dropped in March of this past year, and it was everything fans had been hoping for. Ed did not disappoint with his third studio album. Songs like Perfect and How Would You Feel just demand to be played at a wedding. Meanwhile, Barcelona was the best song to play when you were sipping margaritas by the pool with your girls last summer. 

Bleachers' Gone Now 

I started listening to the single Don't Take the Money from this album in March, and I still play that song every time i'm in the car. Whether you were looking for emotion or songs meant to be screamed at the top of your lungs, Jack Antonoff's sophomore album delivered. This guy has worked with big names like Lorde, Taylor Swift, Fifth Harmony and Sara Bareilles. I dare to anger the hipsters, but I might have to declare this record one of the best alternative album's we have seen in a long time. 

speaking of Lorde, our next album we need to discuss is....

Melodrama from Lorde

Want to talk about something worth waiting for? Because this album was it. It felt like years since I had heard Lorde's haunting voice, but I was eager to welcome her back to my daily music selection. Whether you were lucky enough to see her at this year's music festivals, or have tickets for her current tour, I am extremely envious of you. This album re-awakened my soul and got me moving and grooving all summer long. 

The Thrill of it All, Sam Smith

Can all my heartbroken girls raise a hand? This is the album for you. Sam Smith truly opens up and sings from the heart in his latest album. The sound of his voice could give even the coldest people goosebumps. Tracks like Burning and Midnight Train will bring tears to your eyes. 

reputation from Taylor Swift 

Of course I had to inlcude T.Swift's latest work. The biggest thing I can say about this album is that you have to go into it with an open mind. As our girl has made clear, cowboy-boot-wearing Taylor is long gone. This album still deserves some praise, in my opinion. If you are feeling extra dark and petty tonight, I encourage you to skip around and find a song that speaks to you. So it Goes... and Getaway Car are some of my favorite jams from the album. If you are really missing old Tay, then try New Year's Day, the last track on the album. This song is cute and sweet and makes you want to fall in love this December 31st. 


Who knows what is in store for 2018. I am hopeful that the skies might be a little more blue. No matter what, I am very excited for all the news albums and tours that come with a new year.