10 Things You'll Miss About Kent This Summer

You might be excited to get away now, but we promise you'll miss these 10 things at some point.

1. Friends: If you’re bored at 10 pm, you don’t have the option of just opening your door and finding people to talk to and hang out with.

2. Wind: We all complain about how Kent was built like a wind tunnel as we walk to all of our classes, but when it’s 100 degrees in July, we are going to wish we could walk right over the K.

3. Boar’s Head: Although it is exciting to be able to have home-cooked food again during the summer, you’re definitely going to want a sandwich and then not have any of the ingredients in your house.

4. Greek Life: Not really sure what to do over the weekends without formals, date parties and socials. Greek life provides so many programs and events during the school year that just stop once summer hits.

5. Chipotle: I have never experienced such a fast moving Chipotle anywhere else, ever. They are literally like a machine and their organization is on point. Anywhere else, you always have to wait in line forever, even if it's not busy.

6. Black Squirrels: Obviously, there are squirrels everywhere, but the black ones are just so cute and you can’t look anywhere without seeing a few adorable squirrels playing.

7. The Rock: I don’t know of any other place where you can advertise something or make an announcement via rock. If you have something important to say over the summer, you are just going to have to think of another way to say it instead of spray painting a giant rock.

8. The Rec: No matter what kind of physical activity you are in the mood for, the rec probably will let you do it. You’ll miss being able to watch fraternity basketball, soccer or any other sport along with being able to climb a rock wall, play volleyball, run on a track or do Zumba, all in the same building.

9. Hungry Howies: Personally, I’m not sure what I’m going to eat when I watch movies or am hungry late at night because there is absolutely nothing better than ranch crust pizza. You can pick it up, have it delivered, make it deep dish or thin crust, and choose from a million crust flavors. This is probably the hardest breakup you'll experience all summer.

10. Figleaf: Even though you probably have full access to a mall over the summer, you are going to miss walking through cute downtown Kent and shopping in a boutique that actually has affordably-priced clothing. You never have to think about where to go to get a new top, dress for formal or a new bag because you know you can find something at Figleaf.