10 Struggles Everyone Who Works Retail Understands

A lot of people think that working in retail is a glamorous and exciting job. I mean, you dress fashionably, you get a store discount and you work around clothes all day. What could be better? People in retail will tell you: anything. Anything is better. Here are 10 struggles that everyone with a retail job has experienced at least once. 

1. Taking it personally when nobody responds to your enthusiastic “hello!”

2. Thinking you’re all finished cleaning up then you look inside the dressing rooms

3. When customers take something directly off of the sale rack asking if it is on sale or not

4. The anger you feel after ringing up a bunch of items and then having the customer decide they don’t want half of them anymore

5. Folding an entire table of t-shirts only to have one single person tear it to pieces a minute later

6. Suddenly becoming a babysitter mid-shift when parents forget that they’ve brought children to the store

7. The panic you feel trying to think of an excuse to not work on tax free weekend

8. Trying to speak to a customer while they’re checking out but they don’t feel like getting off the phone

9. Saying you need to go to the bathroom so you can answer all the texts you probably don’t have

10. And running out of the store the minute your shift is over no matter what’s going on