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10 Problems When Dating In Your 20s

It’s the time when everyone is out of high school. The sweethearts are getting married and having kids. Some of us; however, are struggling to date (especially those of us in our 20s).

1.     If one of you has a “real job” and the other one doesn’t, it’s awkward because you’re on two completely different levels, and you aren’t sure what kind of dates you should go on and who should pay for them.


3.     There are always those people who are just looking to casually grab a beer and hookup. You can’t really tell who they are until you’re already halfway into a relationship and completely emotionally invested.

4.     Many people are still in school in their 20s and still have no idea what they want to do with their life, so planning anything serious just isn’t going to happen.

5.     You are forced to know everything they did before you, who they dated, what vacations they took, all thanks to social media.

6.     You both are so used to being able to communicate through texting and social media that sometimes you forget to reach out and actually do something meaningful for or with that person.

7.     Most have roommates or still live with their parents, so having full alone time is just out of the question.

8.     Did I mention that online dating is just SUPER awkward?

9.     Some people are still stuck in the party stage and are no where near mature enough to maintain a normal relationship

10.  Everyone has their own version of what a relationship is to them, and they don’t have to make any compromises to change because they could just move on to the next person until they find what they want. 

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