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10 Plausible Pretty Little Liars Theories

It’s the beginning of the end for Pretty Little Liars. After seven years of lies, heartbreaks and deaths, the moment every pretty little fan has been waiting for has come: for our theories to be answered. Many fans have come with theories either completely out of left field or ones that are absolutely right. As a curious fan, I have admittedly spent hours looking into theories to seek answers to my agonizing questions. If you are just like me and need answers, check out this compiled list of 10 plausible theories that rage from satisfying to completely mind-blowing.

10. Yvonne is dead

A lot of Spoby shippers (the pairing of Spencer Hastings and Toby Cavanaugh) believe that Yvonne is the only thing standing in the way of a Spoby reunion. In the season 7A finale, we saw Toby and Yvonne get into a life-threatening car crash and since then the audience has been wondering if the pair made it out alive. In a trailer for 7B we see Toby being wheeled in on a stretcher with no Yvonne behind. Is this a sign for Yvonne’s fate?

9. Bethany Young is masquerading as Sara Harvey

Recently in PLL seasons an abundant use of masks has occurred. Perhaps the masks is a symbol of concealment of one’s true self, which may be the case for Bethany Young. Both Bethany Young and Sara Harvey disappeared on the same weekend. Unfortunately, Sara Harvey’s body was found in Alison’s backyard, which Bethany Young saw the opportunity to switch lives her. That was the night Bethany Young died and the new Sara Harvey was born. This makes sense as to why Sara was working for Charlotte, because Charlotte knew her secret. If she told anyone, Sara (Bethany) would be sent back to Radley.

8. Wren Kingston and Archer Dunhill are related

Both are suspected to not be real doctors due to Archer’s shady practices and Wren’s inability to spell diagnosis right. Both men are British (Dunhill is an English surname). Wren and Archer both have brown hair and brown eyes. Both are linked to Charlotte. Archer was Charlotte’s lover and Melissa said Wren and Charlotte would talk to each other. Also, Marlene (the creator of Pretty Little Liars) confirmed Wren is a part of the A.D. twist.

7. Ezra is Varjack

One youtuber goes into detail on how Ezra could be Varjack due to the fact that he calls Alison his “Holly Golightly”, a character in Breakfast at Tiffany’s, who is love with Paul Varjack. Aria has also stated her love of Audrey Hepburn, who plays Holly Golightly in the film.

6. Hanna’s dream Spencer was not a dream

As said recently, this show has seen plenty of masks, especially those that can be molded to face, as seen by Archer Dunhill who was masquerading as Wilden to scare Allison into a psychiatric hospital. Some time ago, between one of the few talks Mary Drake had with Spencer, she confessed Spencer and Melissa look so much alike, “almost like twins”. Which makes sense that it was not Spencer who visited Hanna in the barn, because Spencer knew Hanna was already lying about killing Charlotte. Why would she ask if Hanna told the A.D. and their minions the truth?

5. Spencer is not Mary Drake’s daughter

The show has a history of lying about parenthood from Jason Dilaurentis to Cece Drake, so who’s to say Mary Drake is telling the truth that she is Spencer’s biological mother. The second child Mary gave birth to was described as “small, but tenacious and a fighter”. Spencer fits the qualities of being tenacious and a fighter well with her overwhelming history, but it could be another red herring. However these qualities as well as being small seem to fit a certain Holden Strauss perfectly, which you can find here, who is in fact returning in season 7B after being gone since Season 3. It’s no secret Holden had a complicated birth due to heart problems and he’s a martial artist.

4. Alison is A

Has Alison really been reformed? Season 7A shows that Alison may be going back to her old ways or maybe she never changed. Besides, an Ali-cat never changes it spots. Also, Alison’s actress, Sasha Pieterse admits to having the hardest line in the finale. Is it because she has the last line or has to reveal her identity as A.

3. Pastor Ted is Charlotte’s Father

As you know on the show not everyone is as innocent as they appear to be. The same goes for Pastor Ted. Mary told Spencer about a bad experience she had will babysitting a little boy name Teddy. But was the boy’s name really Teddy, or was it the first name she could think of?

2. Caleb is on the A team

Since season 6B Caleb has been messing as hell. Dating your true love’s best friend? Really, Caleb? Being on the A team might just be a perfect excuse for Caleb’s recent actions, but we cannot overlook Caleb’s other shady activities, such as looking up an electric fence and an electric fence surrounding the dollhouse.

1. Aria is A

I’ll admit I am very watchful of every move Aria makes, because let’s face it: the girl is shady as hell. She is always missing, the best liar, most likely the one to show up last, her mysterious stay in Iceland and her hobbies are in photography and painting. The list can go on for miles. One PLL fan has a website dedicated to making the case for Aria being A, which seems pretty legitimate. Besides, Marlene says the reveal will be heartbreaking. What is more heartbreaking than finding out your best friend is trying to sabotage you?

Don’t forget to tune into the season 7B premiere on Freeform this Tuesday at 8/7c!


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