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10 Hallmark Christmas Movies that You and Your Mom will Love

If your mom is anything like mine when it hits November she is in front of the TV with Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas on. Every year Hallmark puts on all day and night marathons of their Christmas movies, think Freeform’s 25 Days of Christmas but on steroids! Then on every Saturday and Sunday Hallmark premieres brand new Christmas movies each year! This year they started on October 27 and premiered a brand new Christmas themed movie that Saturday! Rapping the countdown up on December 30, Hallmark will have premiered 21 brand new Christmas movies this year! I told you Hallmark is on steroids. You know what they say, go big or go home. 

When I got the idea for this article I immediately texted my mom asking for her favorites because she is an expert when it comes to Hallmark’s Countdown to Christmas. These were her favorites: (in no particular order as per her request because she couldn’t put one above another)

1. “Christmas with Holly” 

“Christmas with Holly” premiered during 2012’s Countdown to Christmas and follows a 6-year-old girl who hasn’t spoken since her mom’s death. She lives with her three uncles and the story continues as they discover the importance of family. This just happens to be one of my favorites too. It is fun, emotional, and has some nice man candy to look at too! 

2. “Finding Santa” 

“Finding Santa” premiered during this year’s Countdown to Christmas on November 24. It starts the iconic Jodie Sweetin or better known as Stephanie Tanner from “Full House.” It follows her character as she is on the hunt for a replacement Santa for the local Christmas parade. She just might have to use someone who is unwilling! I haven’t got the chance to see this one, so we are just going to trust the expert here A.K.A. my mom.

3. “Marry Me at Christmas” 

Bringing in another new one from this year’s Countdown to Christmas, “Marry Me at Christmas” follows a bridal shop owner trying to plan a beautiful Christmas wedding when she becomes smitten with the bride’s brother. This was the first movie to premiere on the channel this year coming out before Halloween! They obviously started out with a bang!

4. “Miss Christmas” 

On November 5 “Miss Christmas” premiered on the Hallmark Channel. This film follows a city girl in charge of finding Chicago’s perfect Christmas tree. A little boy claims he has found the perfect tree, so she sets off to his small town to get it, but will the boy’s father part with it? Now I haven’t seen it, but I think I have a pretty good guess about how it ends; they fall in love. 

5. “The Christmas Train” 

Bringing in another new one, “The Christmas Train” which starts the handsome Dermont Mulroney who starred alongside Julia Roberts in “My Best Friends Wedding,” premiered November 25. Taking a more adult turn, this follows a cynical journalist in search of a new story when he starts to get to know the people also on the train, he comes across an old flame. I caught bits and pieces of this one over Thanksgiving break, and it looks like an emotional flick. 

6. “Switched for Christmas” 

Get ready for a doozy of a cliche my friends, but if you have made it this far I’m sure you are just dying for a really good one. “Switched for Christmas” stars another “Full House” alumni, Candace Cameron-Bure A.K.A D.J. Tanner and get this, she plays two characters, that’s right identical twins. You will never guess what they do! They switch lives until Christmas! Now as cliche as this movie sounds, it does seem like an easy watch to get into the Christmas spirit. 

 7. “A Nutcracker Christmas” 

Premiering Last year as part of the Countdown to Christmas, “A Nutcracker Christmas” follows a ballerina named Lilly who is raising her sister’s daughter who turns out to be a ballet prodigy. When her niece gets the starring role in The Nutcracker, Lilly must face her ex who just happens to be the director of the ballet. As a dancer myself, I have always appreciated a good ballet movie. Now throw in a romantic interest, and I’m hooked. 


8. “A Wish for Christmas” 

Throwing it back to last year’s Countdown to Christmas, “A Wish for Christmas” shows us the true Christmas magic. It follows Sara Thomas who gets her idea for the perfect Christmas initiative stolen, so she makes a wish to Santa to give her the courage to stand up for herself. Her wish is granted but there is a catch; she only has 48 hours. 

9. “A Princess for Christmas”

Rounding out my list is “A Princess for Christmas” which still holds up for premiering in 2011. This has to be one of my personal favorites. I mean who doesn’t dream of being a princess! (and now I have no chance of being one since Harry got engaged ugh) This film follows a young woman who gets an invitation from an estranged relative to come to a palace, so she packs up her niece and nephew and visits the European castle for Christmas where she just might meet her prince. 


10. “Hitched for the Holidays”

Coming in at number 10 is “Hitched for the Holidays” which stars the beautiful Joey Lawrence. For it premiering in 2012, this film still stacks up! Lawrence plays a man who fears commitment but is in need of proving his family wrong in the relationship department. So as one does, he turns to the internet to find a fake love! I will pretty much watch anything Joey Lawrence is in but this has to be one of my favorites! 

As this semester comes to an end, and we pack up and go home for the holidays spend some extra time with your mom and watch some of these amazing Hallmark Christmas movies. They are always on TV or watch them with a 7-day free trial of Hallmark Movies Now. Have a Happy Holiday from Her Campus Kent State! 


Jess Goodwin is a  senior at Kent State University, where she is the Senior Editor for the Her Campus Kent State chapter! She is a Journalism major who has enjoyed writing and telling stories her whole life. When she is not writing, Jess is dancing and choreographing. She has been dancing for over 15 years and choreographing for just about 3 years now! She has a passion for movies, books and entertainment, but she also has a love for activism and promoting love! Jess's socials are: Instagram: @jess.goodwin Twitter: @jessgoodwin13 
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