Will Smith Must Sees

The joyous, fun-loving, easy going actor that is Will Smith. He takes his roles seriously and continues to entertain his audience throughout his long career! Here are some of my favorite Will Smith projects!



  1. 1. Seven Pounds

    Selflessly he was able to change the lives of seven strangers forever, with a gift that each was hopelessly searching for and grateful to have the ability to receive.

  2. 2. Bad Boys (ALL!)

    Detective Mike Lowrey and partner Detective Marcus Burnett. Rip and run the city carelessly doing whatever it takes to solve the chain of narcotics and crime circulating throughout the city.

  3. 3. The Pursuit of Happiness

    A man struggling trying to provide a better life for his family ends up becoming homeless with his son by his side. Takes on an unpaid intern desperate to be the last one standing for a better life for him and his child.

  4. 4. The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

    The show we all know and love teenage Will Smith takes us through his journey of moving from Philadelphia to Bel-Air with his wealthy relatives.

  5. 5. Ali

    Will Smith portrayed a biography of legendary boxer Muhammad Ail.

Haooy watching the biggest actor in Hollywood and around the world!