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First off, I’m not saying to avoid energy drinks. I’m drinking one now as I’m working on this article! Energy drinks are popular among college students because of the surge of energy they get to help them crank out an essay or study for a test the next morning (and keep them awake for the test). However, it’s always good to know what you’re putting in your body, so let’s go back to the basics. An energy drink is classified as a beverage that contains several sugars and other stimulants with the purpose of providing a burst of energy for a person. With that in mind, let’s go more in-depth on some of the most popular energy drinks!


Red Bull

    The most popular energy drink in 2020, Red Bull has sold over 2.8 billion drinks in the past year. It is obviously a fan favorite but actually sits at second place for the highest amount of stimulants. Containing 151mg of caffeine and 13 tsp of sugar in each can, this drink will definitely help with those late study nights. According to Mashed, the best flavor is Red Bull Summer Edition: Watermelon (but I’ll leave that choice up to you).


Monster Energy

    Ranking at second place in popularity, Monster Energy drinks have quite a variety of flavors. This includes the Monster Ultras, Monster Rehab, Monster Juice, Monster Java, and plenty of other types. My personal favorite is the classic green, but that’s just one opinion of many. This brand makes their product with 160mg of caffeine and 14 tsp of sugar in each drink. Monster uses a high ratio of sugar and stimulants in their drinks, which gives good reason to why they are a fan favorite of college students.


VPX Bang

    My all-time favorite choice of energy drink, Bang sells sickly sweet recipes full of caffeine and everything to keep a person awake for days. Hitting third place on the charts, this company also has a good variety of flavors. Many are super sweet, but there are also some good options of fruity and classic flavors. Bang achieves the title of most energizing with 300mg of caffeine in a can. The crazy part is that this drink contains no sugar, so you will be running on pure caffeine after drinking one!


Energy drinks are a staple in any college student’s diet. Whether it is for late study nights or staying awake before a party, these drinks serve an important, although dangerous, purpose. The top three energy drinks carry their titles with dignity knowing that they will always be needed. 


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