Ways To Relax After Finals

If you’re anything like me, then this semester was honestly a struggle, but we're almost there! I honestly can’t believe this is the last week of school but thank God; it’s here. Everyone always talks about how to finish strong and make sure you pass those finals but never about how to relax from all the stress the semester puts you through (especially the last week trying to change that F to an A). So here are some ways to decompress and finally relax from everything that has gone on this semester.

Have a spa day

No matter if it’s at an actual spa or home everyone needs that one day where they do absolutely nothing but spoil themselves. Get your favorite facemask, sugar scrub, and snacks and relax because honestly, you deserve it.

Chill by the pool

We all know pool days are the best days and it’s the best way to soak up all that Vitamin D you’ve been missing from sitting in your room studying all semester. So, grab your girl gang or even just yourself and plan a whole day where you sit by the and pool relax.

Plan a picnic at the park

This is such a fun way to catch up with friends who you were too busy to see during the semester. Instead of going to a restaurant try making your lunch and just chilling in the park on a blanket.

Go to Six Flags

Six Flags is the best place, and if you have a season pass at the beginning of Summer, you can go whenever and it's such a better deal than buying a regular ticket each time.  

Good luck during finals Owls and don't forget to recharge afterwards!