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As a hopeless romantic, I personally tend to find myself aimlessly searching for various forms of music to tenderly engage my heart. Over the summer, I found yet another artist to fulfill just that desire. Thuy is a Vietnamese-American singer that has come from very unique backgrounds. These unique backgrounds allowed for inspiration in the musical presence she has begun creating. Thuy’s music falls under the genre of pop and R&B music which she could be seen as a minority of. This statement alone shows that her passion and love for music drive her success in a genre not designed for her. In my personal opinion, this is to be respected and acknowledged in a world of music where everyone panders to a certain audience. Thuy challenges that narrative and pushes forward by creating her own place. Along with being a minority in the genre, Thuy also changed directions in life from wanting to be in the medical field to pursuing music. Thuy creates a related narrative in the projects that she puts out. I recommend if you are interested in artists from different backgrounds that you just take a moment to simply explore Thuy’s interview with Flaunt Magazine as well Thuy’s Instagram.

Now that I have provided a small glimpse into the artist that is Thuy, it is only right that we discuss one of her projects. Her recent release was a single called Playing Tricks, a song that explores the common anxiety that people feel as a relationship begins to get deeper. I find this more relatable as a young adult because I believe that many students believe that they must get it right on the first try. Many young adults (myself included) have been subconsciously taught to believe that feeling fear or anxiety when experiencing this process makes them weird or even weak. This song allows people to see that it is healthy and, dare I say, a necessary part of the process of connecting deeply with someone. Thuy has also released a music video that accompanies this song. This music video is not just a music video but also an outlet of storytelling.

Although this is her most recent project, I highly recommend listening to her other projects that are out on all platforms. Take the moment to indulge yourself in relatable and natural human emotions as well as beautifully told narratives. 

I am just a girl trying to work my way into the entertainment/journalism field. One creatively imperfect step a time.