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If you would’ve asked 17-year-old me what career I wanted to pursue as an adult, I would’ve said a pediatric nurse or a lash artist. Since being in college, I’ve found my true passion and calling to educate the future! The thought of teaching the future is quite empowering and rewarding! Not to mention, you don’t see as many black educators, at least I didn’t. Many people will tell you that they “can’t” teach because of the pay, or the bad kids, which are super valid reasons. It takes patience and consideration to be a role model 24/7 and be a “2nd parent”. All jokes aside, no one decides to teach for the pay. It takes passion and dedication for all the hard, demanding work and responsibilities that go unnoticed. The main objective is to transform, motivate, and be a strong support system for kids that may not have it!

India Harris

Kennesaw '24

HerCampus Writer ✨ | 19 Yrs Kennesaw State University Elementary Education Major ??‍?
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