Surviving School After Spring Break

Getting back into your regular schedule can be hard after a week off. Whether you spent your break tanning on a beach or staying at home, you might face some difficulties in these next few weeks leading up to finals season. Here are some survival skills to help you make it through these next few weeks.

  1. 1. Remember that you’ve done this before

    You’ve made it through the weeks following the break before! Even if this is your first college spring break, remember that you did this in high school too, and college typically ends before high school does. There may have been stress and tears the previous times, but you still made it through, and you can do it again!

  2. 2. Get focused again

    It’s going to be hard to stay focused and not drift off into beachy daydreams while in lectures, or scroll through your pictures to reminisce on the fun you just had. Get your focus back by putting your phone in your bag, make to-do lists for all your chores and work, actively take notes in classes to prevent your mind from wandering off, and get started on assignments soon after they’re assigned.

  3. 3. Look back at your notes

    Worried that you won’t remember material you learned before the break? Take some time to look over your notes and try some practice problems or review questions. It sounds boring, but it’ll keep your stress levels down if you go back to classes with at least an idea of what you’ll be learning.

  4. 4. Get back into a sleeping schedule

    Spring break is a running time with no real schedules. You probably stayed up late or slept in past noon; I know I did. Set your alarms again and sleep earlier, so you don’t rely too much on coffee to get you through the day. Consider setting alarms for the weekend and days you don’t have classes to help train your body for a structured sleep schedule, so you wake up with more energy to power through these next few weeks.

  5. 5. Don’t go in full speed

    Make sure you aren’t going back to studying too fast. Make sure you still take breaks to relax, go out to lunch with friends, watch the newest episode of your favorite show, and go to the gym. Breaks are essential for clearing your mind and help improve your productivity when you get back to work. School is important but so is your mental health. Find a healthy balance between studying and relaxing to help you tackle these next few weeks before finals!

You got this! Only a few more weeks and Summer break is here!