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Short Horror Film Recommendations!

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October is finally here!
I’ve been celebrating the spooky season is by watching short films. The movie theater can be pretty expensive sometimes so watching short films (for free!) YouTube was the next best thing. Here are three of them that I recommend!

the other side of the box

Other Side of the Box was made by Alter, a channel on Youtube that makes really good horror films. It follows a young couple who gets a visit from an old friend at night. The friend gives them a gift and leaves. This film in particular follows a really interesting concept of the fear of the unknown.  I really enjoyed how unsettling the tone and creepy the tone was throughout the movie. How the man’s eyes followed the characters when they moved, the “red light green light”, the overall tone and music bumped up the creepiness. The film also did a really good job dropping a small backstory of the characters as well as the acting, especially the actor who played Shaun. I could honestly see this as a series of short films.

Portrait of god

Now Portrait of God introduces a really interesting concept that’s both horrifying and captivating of what God really looks like. It starts off with a religious girl reciting her presentation on The Portrait of God which features what seems like a blank black image. However, as time goes on the girl notices two white eyes staring at her behind the screen protector. The suspense of it all and the idea of the monster being God is what made me really like this film. When the girl ran away from “God” I find it kinda hypocritical of her to turn away and say a prayer because God is frightening and how this could’ve affected the belief of God for the main character at the end as she is just staring at the screen for three hours holding onto her cross so tight that she’s bleeding.

Milk teeth

A young orphan boy is trying to get adopted and discovers a voice coming from the sink. The voice offers him a way to get money in exchange for a tooth.  

This story is actually pretty sad when you think about it because when you see the boy and the rest of the orphans deliberately lose their teeth in order to buy nice items from the store to have them look presentable for parents. The creepiness comes from the “tooth fairy” herself when she is shown to be somewhere under the sink. I love her design: really long and sharp nails, an eerie growl, and the way her mouth looks with all the kid’s teeth inside. I also like how it revealed the purpose of the “tooth fairy” was to use the teeth she collected to eat the orphans. The last part of the film was pretty heartwarming because the tooth fairy gave the boy a tooth when he didn’t have any left and spared his life.

Overall I had fun watching these short films! There are plenty more to watch on YouTube so if you haven’t already and looking to be in a spooky mood I ghtly recommend these films and other short horror films!

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