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Seeing KSU represented on Jeopardy was inspiring

When I first saw that a Kennesaw State student was going to be on the college Jeopardy tournament, I was shocked. I never see my school represented like that.

I was excited to watch but also nervous about how the KSU student Raymond Goslow would do against students from Stanford, Princeton, Yale and Harvard. It felt like KSU was an underdog compared to the other schools.

My friends and I would excitedly message each other before each game and even referred to it as “Raymond time.” We would message during the episodes and would celebrate each time Raymond got a question right. It was amazing to see someone from our school do so well.

When we realized Raymond was going to the finals, my friends and I were freaking out. We planned to attend the watch party together and cheer him on in person.

The watch party was incredible. Raymond came and did a Q&A before the episodes started. Everyone in the audience was cheering when he got a question right and grunting and booing when someone would get ahead of his score.

It was great to see how many students were interested in the game. Even though he got second place, confetti cannons went off and we all cheered. After the show ended, Raymond gave a speech and then people were able to go congratulate him and take pictures.

Raymond was so kind when meeting students and taking pictures. He was genuine and sweet to every person that came up to him even though he had been there for a long time already.

My dad also went to KSU and was excited to watch the episodes from home. He couldn’t come to the watch party so he asked me to go congratulate Raymond from one alumni to another.

Raymond representing KSU so well on Jeopardy wasn’t just encouraging for students to see, but alumni as well. He made our school look amazing and it felt refreshing.

It was truly incredible to watch my school be represented by someone so great. Watching a KSU student beat students from prestigious schools was surreal and I really think Raymond’s performance on the show will inspire students to try out in the future.

Emily Rubin

Kennesaw '22

Emily is a senior at Kennesaw State University.
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