New Lifesaver Apps

The first app is called Daily Bible Verse, which is self-explanatory. It gives me daily bible quotes or inspiration!

The second app is called Motivation! It sends a range of notifications from achieving your goals, if you’re going through hard times, if your feeling down, religion, general messages, or even just song lyrics from some of your favorite artists!

For each app, you can set how many notifications you want to be sent during the day, set different time frames, and you can design the background of the app to how you want!

These pop-up notifications have been so uplifting and a breath of fresh air to me because they’re always sent at the right time. I could be thinking something or be stressed, and once I get a notification from one pertaining to what I’m going through, it wheels me back in and centers my thoughts and energy. I’ve become excited to see what each one has to say during the day. I’m  never one to deal with stress all that; well, I go with the flow and say, “it is what it is, there’s nothing I can do.” But having these apps become a part of my daily routine has helped me dealing with life’s curveballs more than I thought. I highly recommend them!