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Man Crush: Pietro Agostini

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kennesaw chapter.

This week’s Man Crush is Pietro Agostini! Pietro is originally from Italy but decided to attend Kennesaw State and play for the basketball team. He is doing double majoring in Economics and International Business! A fun fact about Pietro is when he first arrived in America, he was only 15 years old and many of the roads had a ‘One Way’ sign and said “Here in America, all the roads have the same name!”.


HCKSU: How has your passion for basketball fueled your future aspirations?

Pietro: My basketball passion has determined my choice to come to the U.S., to have the possibility to develop my athletic career and the basketball scholarship helped as well.

HCKSU: What are some culture shocks when you first came to the U.S.?

Pietro: The freedom to be yourself with your culture and your own race, the possibility for everyone to achieve their goals with merit, and the food!

HCKSU: What drew you to play basketball at Kennesaw State?

Pietro: I had many offers, but the Kennesaw environment convinced me from first sight. I felt at home, and I immediately understood that it was the right choice.

HCKSU: What/Who inspires you to continue your positive attitude?

Pietro: My parents. They taught me to have a positive attitude and to have a successful mindset to achieve my goals.

HCKSU: Have your predictions of America changed since coming to the U.S.?

Pietro: No, I’ve decieded that America is home now!

HCKSU: Do you think, if the opportunity presented itself, that you would play basketball professionally?

Pietro: Yes!

HCKSU: Your major is Economics and International Business, if you were to start your own company; what would be the name and what would you specialize in?

Pietro: The company’s name would be “Be Different, Be Yourself”. The field would be an elegant, sporty, casual brand in an international market with a combination between Italian style and American culture.


Thank you Pietro for being Her Campus at Kennesaw’s #MCM for this week! Hooty Hoo Owls!

Jaz Daley

Kennesaw '22

Jaz Daley is an Alum from Kennesaw State University and she majored in Public Relations. Jaz is the founder of the Her Campus chapter at Kennesaw State and was the Campus Correspondent and President for 4 years. In her spare time, she likes to create various DIY projects, read, and hang out with her furbabies. She hopes to continue her studies and lead Disney's Public Relations team in the future.