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The media has portrayed the 17-year-old Kenosha, Wisconsin, Kyle Rittenhouse as an innocent, kind-hearted person even after recently killing two innocent men and injuring another. Rittenhouse was able to walk past police officers, and the officers allegedly claim that Rittenhouse was "unnoticed" with the gun he had still around his body. Not only was he able to walk toward officers with the automatic weapon, but he was able to return to Illinois where he lived. He was later arrested days after the shooting in Antioch, Illinois, 30 miles away from the actual shootings.

Each picture posted has been in light of helping the community or supporting "Blue Live Matter." However, Michael Brown, who was two days away from starting college, was also known to be kind-hearted to everyone he knew. Michael Brown stayed out of confrontations but was fatally shot and killed by police officers because he was suspected of stealing from a convenience store.

The media instantly portrayed him as a bad person describing him as "no angel." They focused on him being a violent person because he smoked marijuana and drank alcohol and the type of music that he listened to. Because of skin color, a killer could walk away from crime, while a black man loses his life because he was suspected of stealing. If a cold-hearted killer is respected by the police and not seen as a threat, a black man's life should mean the same.

Myesha Mays

Kennesaw '21

I'm a KSU senior majoring in psychology
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