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Latto’s new studio album 777 elevates the Atlanta– er, Clayton County– rapper’s long-standing status as a multifaceted woman in the rap game. She has years and years of talent under her belt, trailblazing on her own unique path and making a name for herself outside of the work she’s put in during her adolescence. An artist of many names, the rapper, born Alyssa Stephens, starts a new chapter.

The 23-year-old artist works under her new moniker, as her former one was, as she describes, what was “holding her back”. Stephens has since dropped the first syllable and now defines her stage name as symbolizing good luck and good fortune, as it would in the lottery. There’s no mistaking that only good things are to come her way. 

With “777 Pt. 1” and “777 Pt. 2,” Latto comes in swinging with impeccable braggadocio. There’s never a moment when Latto doesn’t remind us that she’s worthy of respect and credit, whether as an artist or as a woman, and especially both. Follow-up tracks include hit singles “Wheelie” and “Big Energy,” both of which have had immense success on social media leading up to 777’s release. The latter of the two is even set to have a remix featuring the legendary singer Mariah Carey. Star-studded features on the album appear from the likes of artists such as 21 Savage, Lil Durk, Childish Gambino, and Lil’ Wayne. 

Sounds that fuel the album through are bouncy and trap-influenced, and Latto isn’t afraid to pay homage to iconic 90s and 2000s hits. Tracks interpolate Three Six Mafia’s “Slob on My Knob,” Mariah Carey’s “Fantasy,” Crime Mob’s “Stiletto (Pumps),” and even Vanessa Carlton’s “A Thousand Miles”. She also teamed up with the iconic Pharell Williams for production on the album’s last track, “Real One”. It’s all a callback to the music she grew up on, the sounds that inspired her, and how she’s making it all her own.

Themes on 777 touch on Latto’s come-up, her independence, and expressing her confidence and sexuality. She is never afraid to state where she’s from and where she’s going, especially on the track “Soufside.” Representing the south side of Georgia, she name drops cities from Riverdale to Lovejoy and the long winding roads of Flat Shoals. For those who know, not much has to be said. Tracks like “It’s Givin” and “Trust No Bitch” also bring grit and attitude with a feminine air that can easily make any boss energy playlist.

With a versatile flow and style, Latto exudes a fresh grown-woman confidence and shows that her southern upbringing and influences are never too far from her. 

Amariyah Callender is a 20-year-old journalist from Decatur, Georgia. She is currently studying Journalism and Emerging Media at Kennesaw State University. She has been in the journalism field for the past seven years, writing for local media platforms such as VOX ATL and Lotus Rosery. With a passion for music and lifestyle, Callender doesn't shy away from media buzz, the next big artist, or what's going on in the music scene in the Metro-Atlanta area. She also enjoys writing about her own personal experiences and how they have shaped her life as it is today. Read her latest article here!