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I am certainly not the smartest person at Kennesaw State University but I have earned honors as far as my GPA is concerned. It hasn’t always been smooth sailing but once I had the taste of earning President’s List, I’ve craved that success every semester since. Here are my pointers on how to work smarter, not harder and achieve the ultimate academic success.

Utilize a Planner

Phone calendars don’t work for me and even though I don’t always have my planner on hand, handwriting my schedule helps me remember better what I have going on. Listing out the items you have to do also helps prevents feeling overwhelmed. It allows you to take one day at a time and plan accordingly for assignments due in the future.

Communication is key

If your online professor offers virtual office hours – go to them. I cannot stress it enough how important it is to communicate with your professors, especially if you’re taking an online class. Building rapport with your professors shows that you’re engaged and willing to learn. It also allows you the opportunity to clear up any confusion you have with assignments by directly going to the source. The girlies in the class GroupMe will not know better than your professor, I promise.

Success takes sacrifice

Read it again. Success takes sacrifice. You will have to sacrifice weekend trips or nights out with friends if you want to be successful. You will have to sacrifice sleeping in late if you’re working and going to school. You will have to sacrifice the serendipity of not having a set schedule. Success takes dedication and you have to dedicate your spare time to class readings and creating notes. I’ve cried more tears than I’d like to admit over missing out on things with my friends. This isn’t to say you should never have fun or take a break from school. There is a difference between overworking yourself and staying focused.

Take care of yourself

While this is number four on the list, it is definitely the most important. A proper diet filled with fruits, vegetables and protein will keep your mind and body fueled for busy work days. Allowing yourself to get a full night’s rest will also sign you up for success as well as staying hydrated and steering clear from sugary drinks that will only slow you down.

Melissa Walsh

Kennesaw '22

Melissa is a Senior at Kennesaw studying both Journalism and Political Science. Her interests include politics, environmental issues, and human rights. In addition to being a writer for the Kennesaw Chapter, Melissa also serves as senior editor.