How Etsy Became the New Amazon for Me

For Christmas last year I was determined to shop all small businesses, which I found to be a bit hard to do locally in the midst of a global pandemic. I reached out to friends on Facebook asking that they share their small business, friend or cousin's small businesses, and I was not disappointed with the response. Etsy seemed to be mentioned the most as a great place online to support small businesses.

For those of you unfamiliar, Etsy is an e-commerce website focused on handmade, crafted, or vintage items. Sellers can create accounts, or 'Etsy Stores', for buyers to find and purchase their products. The creativity and productivity of Etsy creators are endless, from custom clothes, wallets, and cups to resin cast earrings and jewelry boxes. The most rewarding part about shopping on Etsy is supporting a small business, especially during a global pandemic! Now that the holidays have passed, I still utilize Etsy when searching for decor, jewelry, or gifts. With the majority of the products being custom-made, it offers the opportunity to give a thoughtful, more meaningful gift. 

Next time you're looking for new clothes, accessories, or something thoughtful for a friend, I'd recommend searching Etsy, play with some keywords of what you're looking for and see what you can find. You can narrow your search as well for location, price, and additional specifications. Support small business while making yourself or someone else feel special!