How to Cope With Your Latest Break-up

We’ve all experienced the recent break-up phase with the one you thought you would spend the rest of your life with. You’re still in love, heartbroken, and hurt. Meanwhile, it’s clear on social media your partner is completely over you and has moved on. Well so should you! It doesn’t have to be with another person, but with the person that was neglected and lost in the relationship. YOU! Here are five steps to learn how to love yourself again.

1.) Don’t keep looking back

Refocusing on yourself requires you to get rid of all the old memories. Delete the pictures; don’t make connections to certain songs, places, or food etc. It will be hard, but YES you can do it.

2.) Get back on track

With all the relationship drama, you probably loss sight on what you wanted to do. Look back on those pre-relationship goals that you set for yourself and start checking them off your list. Be ambitious and build yourself back into the person you may have lost.

3.) Date night

Dress up and get cute. Take yourself on a date! Make reservations and take all the time you need. There’s nothing wrong with going out by yourself and spending some “you” time. Some of us don’t do this on a regular basis or even at all, but it is always much needed.

4.) Love yourself

Getting back to self-love is the best thing you can do. Compliment yourself and stop pointing out flaws that you think you may have. At some point in your life, someone will love every flaw that you may have and it’s time that you do as well! Love every inch of yourself inside and out. Self-love is always the best love.

5.) Don’t lose yourself

Vow to never lose yourself again in the process of wanting to love and keep someone else!