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How “Call Her Daddy” Changed My Perspective On Dating

Do you call him daddy? Do you call her daddy? Call her daddy. 

That’s just the intro to Call Her Daddy, the podcast hosted by Alex Cooper and the “Daddy Gang.” A name she lovingly calls her weekly listeners. This podcast that occupies the #10 spot on Apple Podcasts revolves around relationships, sex, and real-life moments that Father Cooper and other women experience. You might be wondering what sets this podcast apart from other podcasts, talk shows, books, etc. It’s authentic. Embarrassingly real. Dirty real. The type of reality that you only get with your best friend. 

I started listening to the podcast because my For You Page on TikTok was flooded with videos of women doing their makeup to a popular podcast soundbite. The makeup transformation videos were amazing, to say the least, so I figured all these women knew something I didn’t, and I had to tune in.  After getting used to the explicit content that I was exposing my ears to, I started learning more about this beloved Father Cooper and her life and gained a new perspective on dating. Here are some of my recent takeaways. 


Aspire To Be More Than Wifey

Relationships are fun and cool, but the constant “Ugh, I want a significant other” attitude is annoying, and as Father Cooper puts it, “is pathetic.” This gives other people power over your life and happiness. Have goals for yourself, and have a personality outside of your relationships, and stop being pathetic. 

Everyone Has Insecurities

Father Cooper had singer-songwriter Olivia O’Brien on the show recently, and O’Brien explained how she has friends who are literally models but have so many insecurities. Girls that are quite literally 10’s think they are 7’s. If you just act confident, people will believe you are confident, which is so attractive.

Treat Guys How They Treat Girls

For someone who hates being petty, this was hard for me. Personally, I don’t mind texting first or even double texting for that matter, but the way Father Cooper breaks it down for the girls makes so much sense. It’s always about the chase for guys, so before you even think about catering to a guy’s every need, don’t. Don’t text and call first every time. Don’t blow up their phone. Don’t ask his friends about what they think your situation is. Just don’t, because guys would do that. If he wanted to DTR (define the relationship), he would. If he wanted to talk to you, he would. If he wanted to watch your Insta story, he would. Try taking on a more “alpha-like” dating mindset and see how that changes things for you. 

Stop Lying To Men During Sex

So many guys think they're great in bed when they're not. This is because somebody told him his head game was fire when, in reality, it was ice cold. Tell your partner the truth, and maybe some progress would be made.

Tips On How To Do The Gluck-Gluck 3000

I let you tune in for more on this one. ;)

Listen to Call Her Daddy on Apple Podcasts every Wednesday! 

My name is Jazmine Mills. I am a native of Decatur, Georgia and I'm studying Journalism and Emerging Media at Kennesaw State University. I hope to pursue a career in media and news production in the future.
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