Gifts That'll Wow Your Family and Friends

It's that time of year again, Christmas. Where the bells are ringing, the children are singing, and a college student's wallet is SCREAMING! But, have no fear Her Campus at Kennesaw has you covered with which gifts to get your friends or family!

  1. 1. Books But Make It Challenging

    Five Below is AMAZING! They have amazing books that challenge the mind and take steps to know yourself more! They have '300 Writing Prompts', 'Adult-ish: Record Your Highs & Lows on the Road to the Real World' just to name a couple! The best part is they are ONLY $5!

  2. 2. Relaxation on Another Level

    Relaxing as a gift, I'll take ANY day! Head over to Groupon, where they have TONS of amazing deals (and sometimes stackable coupons) for that person that loves to treat themselves all the time!

  3. 3. For the Person Who Loves Saving Memories

    The Fujifilm Instax Mini 9 Camera is PERFECT for the person that LOVES to take photos, markdown memories, or loves a good picture of friends and family! This timeless camera comes in several different colors, has different settings for the lighting, and has cute film to print!

  4. 4. Plain? Oh No Not This Jane!

    YASSS! Now, this is a tool that is so amazing and creative; Raven Baxter would snatch this up! The Circut Explore Air 2 is the tool any creative would want, with the ability to make iron-on, vinyl, etc.! You can make your own graphic tees, putting your name on your own wine glass or making money to put vinyl on shirts! The possibilities are ENDLESS!

  5. 5. If All Else Fails, Gift Cards?

    It's ALWAYS so hard to find a gift for someone special, a family member, or a friend. When all else fails, get a gift card to their favorite restaurant, clothing store, or just a regular Visa gift card! Make it specialized to them by adding a cute little Christmas card!

Happy Christmas shopping Owls!