Find Out What Rico Nasty Song Fits You Best According to Your Zodiac Sign!

If you aren’t familiar with the young artist who goes by the name “Rico Nasty” yet, today is your lucky day! I want to introduce you to the young powerhouse who brings a new sound to the current world of rap. If you are familiar with Rico nasty, you know that she has a rap style that encourages originality, fearlessness, and confidence to her listeners. She has a compelling background story that could inspire us all to follow our dreams, and she’s a slept on artist that deserves a listen. With each of her songs having the potential to encompass any energy, there is undoubtedly at least one track for each of us to love. Here are a few of her songs that could be the one that encapsulates your energy according to your zodiac sign:

Cancer- “Again”

“Again” is one of Rico’s more vulnerable songs. She talks about how she always makes sure to pay homage to where she came from wherever she goes, but still finds that the people who were once her supporters now turn against her because of money. It hurts to know that although she is loyal to her background, some of those people do not have her best interest. "Again" is a great song for the Cancer sign which is a more emotional and sensitive zodiac sign.

Scorpio- “Pressing Me”

Scorpios are commonly thought of as being the most self-aware of the signs, meaning they are very confident and lack fear. “Pressing Me” is a song that captures the idea of Rico being someone that a lot of people are always concerned about. She sings about how it’s not her fault; she gets treated differently because she possesses traits other people wish they had.

Pisces- "Blue"

Pisces are usually very friendly, kind, compassionate and honest. In “Blue,” by Rico Nasty, the lyrics: “kill a bitch with kindness” could be something that resonates with Pisces. She also raps about how she never lies and if she doesn’t like someone they would be aware. A Pisces could never lie to someone and tell them they like them when it is not true; they have enough wisdom to prevent this from happening.

Aries- “Moves”

This short-tempered, confident, courageous, and energetic sign will find this song relatable. Rico sings about how everywhere she goes is the place to be and how people call her rude, but she doesn't care. Aries find it hard to be discouraged by anyone, and they walk with their head held high and take action without much thought.  

Leo- “Hatin”

Besides the slight humor in this song relating to traits of Leos', there is also a sense of undetectable energy. Leos are very self-confident and become the dominant person in whatever they pursue. Many people could hate on that, but many people could also be attracted to it. "Hatin" is a song that significantly excude bad b*tch energy.

Sagittarius- “Rage”

The lyrics “I might give a f**k on a rare occasion” and “how much money can I make on vacation?” screams Sagittarius. They often could care less of what anyone else thinks of their ideas; they will say whatever is on their mind no matter how undiplomatic. "Rage" encapsulates the outward and undoubted confidence that Sagittarius posses. Their powerful ability to turn their thoughts into concrete actions makes this song an excellent fit for them as well.

Taurus- “Countin’ Up”

The sign of the Taurus is commonly very goal oriented and materialistic. In "Countin' Up," Rico talks about how regardless of outside pressures, she will continue to make her money and be successful. The knowledge of success is simply an uncompromising topic. Rico is a Taurus herself, and I feel as though this song perfectly illustrates what she believes in and what she is proud of.

Virgo- “In the Air”

Virgos are very sensible and practical. The lyrics “I gotta see it to believe it” really speak to the Virgo and the song as a whole does away with any hating attitudes and emphasizes the systematic approach to life.

Capricorn- “Smack a B*tch’

Capricorns are known for their excellent work ethic and dedication which coincided with the vast message portrayed in Rico Nasty’s “Smack a Bitch.” When times get tough, and people get in the way of your success, you still have to push through and get your work done. Although it may be hard, at the end of the day you can always look up and thank God that you didn’t have to smack somebody that day.

Gemini-  “B*tch I’m Nasty”

“Sweet Like A Poptart” is a perfect way to describe a Gemini. Although they possess many different, sometimes contrasting traits, they are great people to be around. They are always ready for a good time. They are an all-around loveable sign and never dull. This song paints the image of all the great traits Rico possesses herself.

Libra- “Sell Out”

Libras have a deep sense of humanity; they are dedicated to keeping peace and harmony in whatever ways they can. In "Sell Out," Rico sings about how she would never forget where she came from and how hard it was to learn to cope and deal with her emotions. This song highlights Rico's stress on fair-mindedness, a trait Libras take extreme pride in.

Aquarius- “Sandy”

Aquarius often run from emotional expressions and that same feeling is portrayed in "Sandy." This sign is also very original and progressive, and not known to stay in the same mind frame for long. "I'm original that's why these bitches can't stand me" are compelling lyrics that exude that Aquarius energy.