Fall Feelings: Music To Ring in the New Season!

Fall is officially here as of September 23rd! As Hot Girl Summer comes to a close, the weather is slowly but surely getting cooler. Whether you’re at the coffeehouse or in your own house, the right music can always set the tone for the season. Here’s a list of five artists with songs that will keep you warm like a chunky knit sweater!

1. Bruno Major

Bruno Major (not to be confused with Bruno Mars) effortlessly croons over any track. Various instruments and layered vocals make every song seem as if it was straight out of a movie, bringing his songs to life. Check out these tracks below!

Songs to listen to: "Easily," "Fair-Weather Friend," "Like Someone In Love"

2. Ari Lennox

Ari Lennox is an artist who has proven time and time again that her sultry voice is one of a kind. The first lady of Dreamville Records gained major success with her debut album earlier this year, and there is no questioning why! She brings old-school soul with a twist, making it her own, and it’s beautiful to hear. 

Songs to listen to: “Grampa,” “Cold Outside,” “Static”

3. Leon Bridges

You'd be surprised that Leon Bridges isn't a Motown artist straight out of the record store! He always manages to bring a blast from the past with his music while sticking to his Southern roots. Listen to these songs from his latest album!

Songs to listen to: “Beyond,” “Shy,” “Mrs.”

4. Emily King

This NYC songstress lets her voice soar through her music, no matter if it's upbeat pop or acoustic soul. The songs below are more of the latter, perfect for a relaxing moment.

Songs to listen to: "Already There," "Distance," "Georgia"

5. Allen Stone

An artist of the sub-genre dubbed “Blue-Eyed Soul,” Allen Stone brings raw vocals to set the mood and tell stories. Give these tracks a listen!

Songs to listen to: “The Wind,” “Celebrate Tonight,” “I Know That I Wasn’t Right”

The songs in this article have conveniently been compiled into a Spotify playlist (sorry Apple Music users!) Feel free to stream at your leisure. Who knows, you may have found your new favorite artist!