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Black Owned Businesses You NEED Hoodies From This Fall

With the start of fall and the weather getting chilly, we have been looking for more hoodies and sweatshirts for this fall season. Of course, we want to support small businesses, support Black-owned businesses, look great, and keep comfortable! In order to save you time, we have compiled a list of some of the best Black-owned businesses that sell fashionable sweatshirts suitable for this fall season!

Diet Starts Monday

This brand is based in Washington, DC where the owners, John Geiger and Davin Gentry, consider it also as experimental as it does not tend to fit into the traditional concept of promotions and projects. Think streetwear meets modern twist for this brand. This is a great brand for those who prefer less traditional labels and clothing with a twist! You can reach their website using this link: https://www.dietstartsmonday.us/

Come Back as a Flower (CBAAF)

This brand is based in Los Angeles, California, was founded last year, and has massively blown up since! This brand promotes itself as sustainable, spiritual, and based around the Black experience. Each shirt is hand-dyed and made with intention. Their brand website can be reached here: https://www.cbaaf.org/

Just Don

This brand is based in Chicago, Illinois, with Don Crawley, the owner, from Louisiana. His brand is streetwear based on many NBA teams featured on his clothing lines. He and Kanye West are known to be best friends, as West has featured Crawley and his clothing line in some of his records. This is a great brand if you enjoy the streetwear look and are a fan of the NBA! Their website link is: https://justdon.com/

Places + Faces

Places + Faces started as a photography business that has become a fantastic phenomenon of clothing, photography, blogging, and social media presence. The clothing line is a lifestyle based with a hip-hop feel. This brand is awesome for people who want to stay comfortable while staying fashionable. The Places + Faces collections can be found using this link: https://www.placesplusfaces.com/collections/new

God is Dope

God is Dope is a Christian based brand based right here in Atlanta, Georgia. The clothes featured are lifestyle, and they have a brick-and-mortar store in Atlanta that will welcome you with open arms! They feature men and women’s clothing, all with a Christian statement. Their website is: https://www.godisdope.com/


Pressed is another locally owned Black business with a brick-and-mortar you can visit today! This business is owned by a Black woman from the Atlanta area who specializes in self-expression and color. We love the vibes this brand gives off! They can be reached at: https://pressedatl.com

Atlanta Influences Everything

Atlanta Influences Everything is founded by four Black creatives that are determined to prove just as their brand says: that Atlanta is the biggest influencer in the world. The culture of Atlanta and all it has to offer has been recognized worldwide, and these four founders are proving that. Their style is for those who want to promote civic understanding while harnessing the cultural impact that Atlanta has made worldwide. Their brand website is: https://aie.life/

Jazzy Designs

Jazzy Designs is by our very own Her Campus Kennesaw President and founder! She is a girl boss who empowers those around her. She hand-makes all of her clothing with you in mind and will welcome you to her shop happily. Her sweatshirts and hoodies are custom made, so if you have a design in mind, she would love to hear from you! With her brand, you are limited by only your own imagination! Her Etsy can be reached at: https://www.etsy.com/shop/JazzyDesignsUS

Here we have listed a combination of BIPOC owned brands that you can support this fall! They range in prices and style, so there is something for everyone! Support local or branch out in your style, whatever best suits you. Stay safe, stay warm, and happy shopping! 

Molly is a self-proclaimed coffee addict with a love for fluffy socks, blankets, and dogs. She is a lover of light and a creator. Molly is an avid Jodi Picoult reader, and her passion lies in literature and helping kids. She is pursuing her passions by becoming an English teacher and cannot wait to be in the classroom.
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