Yes, she did it! After three years, Beyoncé Knowles, also known as Queen Bey, has released her album, 'Lemonade' on Apple Music. Many may know, for a while the only access to this album was on Tidal or unfortunately, YouTube and all of its ads. Although she is leaving many of us with questions as to why she decided to release on Apple all of a sudden, BeyHive is astounded she finally did. After premiering her self-produced documentary, Homecoming on Netflix, I believe Bey had a change of heart and felt we waited long enough.

'Lemonade' manifests many emotions, art, and conversation captured through songs and video. From 'Pray You Catch Me' to 'All night,' this Queen had me in my absolute feelings. Let me not forget to mention the badass, 'Don’t Hurt Yourself' where Bey displays a mix of rage and control all in one.  Beyoncé managed to provide an influential voice not just for herself, but for women all around the world. But why stop with only women empowerment? With 'Formation' and 'Freedom,' this album brought the conversation to the black community in a positive and energetic light.


Despite some of the reactions towards the record, they will always be much needed. If you were to ask me “what is my favorite song on this album,” it would be a lie for me only to choose one. Every song gives me a different perspective which I appreciate. With that being said, if you have not already after three years, listened to 'Lemonade,' it is about that time!