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Best Movies to Watch on Disney+ While Social Distancing

While we are all practicing social distancing, what better time than now to catch up on some Disney movies that you've never seen or re-watch some of your favorites. It's always so relaxing to lay in bed after a long day and just watch a movie. Here's some movies to watch on Disney+!


The Parent Trap (1998)

In this version of the film Annie and Hallie, who is played by Lindsay Lohan, go to summer camp and find out they are twins who had been separated. They decide to switch lives with one another so that they can meet their other parent. In the end, they develop a plan to get their parents back together so they can be one happy family. 

This movie will definitely give you some nostalgia. Did anyone else think that Lindsay Lohan had a twin because of this movie? 


Frozen II (2019)

In this sequel, Elsa has to embark on a journey to save her kingdom. Anna wants to help her sister, but Elsa knows she must conquer this on her own. While on this journey, Elsa must find all the spirits of the Enchanted Forest so that they can all live at peace again. 

If you liked the first Frozen movie, then you'll definitely enjoy this sequel. 

10 Things I Hate About You (1999)

In this movie, Kat, played by Julia Stiles, is a girl with an attitude who hates everyone her age. Her younger sister, Bianca, is the complete opposite. She's a popular girl with a bubbly personality. However, Bianca is faced with a dilemma, she can't date until Kat does. To speed up the process, Bianca sets her sister up with Patrick, played by Heath Ledger, another student at their school who goes against the status quo.

The Princess Bride (1987)

The Princess Bride is an absolute classic. In the movie, a man is telling his sick grandson a fairy tale story. In the story, a princess named Buttercup is mourning the loss of the man she loved. She ends up being kidnapped one day while on a horse ride. Throughout the movie, the prince who wants to marry her tries to rescue her. 

Marvel Movies

I know that this is not one specific movie, but almost all Marvel movies are now available to stream on Disney+. Watching the Marvel movies in order will definitely help you pass some time and give you some much-needed entertainment. If you're a Marvel fan or into action movies, you should definitely check them out. 

In this list that I provided, I hope that you are able to find something that will entertain you while you are social distancing!!

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