7 Ways to Destress During the Last Weeks of the Semester

We are weeks away from completing the semester and I know stress levels are high, but you got this! Did you know that stress can lead to insomnia, depression, anxiety, weight fluctuation, ulcers, heart disorders, and much more?

Stressing won’t help, but here are 7 things that might!

  1. 1. Gratitude

    Express thanksgiving within the world, it allows for more positive moments to appear in your life. Plus, it is easier to find appreciation in small things rather than trying to find joy amidst the hard times. I find it peaceful to look at the color of the trees or the “B” on my quiz and find gratitude in those things.

  2. 2. Rest

    Rest could be anything from taking a break from your laptop screen to the appropriate amount of sleep at night. When you are working hard, rest becomes the balance that allows you to recharge. When you go without rest, it can affect your mood and perception on life. And your PERCEPTION shapes your REALITY.

  3. 3. Positive thinking

    I reiterate: Your PERCEPTION shapes your REALITY. Position yourself to exude positivity over your day, over the remainder of your semester. Also, positive surroundings promote positive thinking. This includes friends, family, home settings and study settings. These things matter because if your surroundings are negative, it will subconsciously affect your thoughts. Speak affirmations over your day because your words hold value.

  4. 4. Be intentional

    Do everything with purpose. Be intentional about resting, eating, enjoying the sunlight, studying and staying hydrated. If you commit your time to do anything, fully commit yourself and find the joy in it.

  5. 5. Drink water

    Water provides hydration. Plus, water can instill energy, reduce headaches & cramps and flushes out toxins.   

  6. 6. Eat home cooked meals

    There are fruits and superfoods that support energy such as salmon, tea (green, grey and black), brown rice, sweet potatoes, bananas, nuts and more! Try to avoid fast food, fried and heavy foods because they lead to lethargy and lower energy levels.

  7. 7. Pray/Meditate

    Whichever one you prefer, but take as many moments you need to align yourself. Use that time to find peace, revel on the truth, speak on all of the things you are and everything you will be.

You are resilient, intelligent and hardworking. Believe that and be intentional with your time.

Everything you want in life yours; choose it, fight for it, stand by it.

Don’t give up. The marathon continues.