5 WOC Beauty YouTubers Killing the Industry

YouTube is the most popular broadcasting platform of our generation, so much so that being a YouTuber is now a legitimate job thanks to brand deals and ads. The beauty world of YouTube is an entire industry in itself, and it is becoming more extensive and more diverse as the years go by. Some of the most famous names in the YouTube beauty industry are Jeffree Star, James Charles, Patrick Star, Tati Westbrooks, Nikkie Tutorials, and Nikita Dragun. Above all, one of the most important things in the beauty community is the representation, so in this article, I will be highlighting five talented YouTubers who are slaying the beauty industry.

  1. 1. Jackie Aina

    Perhaps the most popular on the list, Jackie Aina, is sure to give you the best skincare and makeup tips all while making you laugh. The Nigerian-American beauty influencer is one of the most experienced in the game, making her a trustworthy source for product reviews and top tier makeup looks.

  2. 2. Iris Beilin

    Irishcel507, also known as Iris Beilin, is a fun, vulnerable, and charismatic Panamanian beauty YouTuber that delivers transparent yet humorous product reviews. She also features reviews of clothes and skincare, making her a diverse and talented queen.

  3. 3. Arnell Armon

    Next up is the queen of Fenty Beauty, wigs, and soft glam looks, Arnell Armon. Most commonly associated with her twin sister and fellow beauty YouTuber, Alissa Ashley, Arnell delivers skill through her content, making her unique and a stand-out beauty star.


  4. 4. Nyma Tang

    If anyone represents well on YouTube, Nyma Tang is sure to be the one. The Sudanese beauty influencer, well known for her deep complexion, is a trailblazer for women of deep complexions worldwide. Tang’s product reviews and other beauty videos help women create their perfect face. Her most popular videos are within her series “The Darkest Shade,” where she tries the darkest shade of foundation for various makeup brands.

  5. 5. Jasmine Brown

    Houston, Texas native, Jasmine Brown, is last, but certainly not least on the list. The 24-year-old YouTuber is multi-talented as a vlogger, beauty influencer, and model. Brown is a fun, lively influencer to watch, and she’s sure to never leave you bored on a trip to her channel.

I hope that you take some time out of your day to watch the content of these 5 talented women and that you are inspired by how they represnt their cultures and communities so well.