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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kennesaw chapter.

Valentine’s Day is coming up! If you want to celebrate the holiday with your significant other but you don’t live together, you should still share the special day but safely. Here are five socially distanced Valentine’s Day date ideas for you and your someone special.

Go on a Picnic 

You and your significant other can go on a romantic picnic date this Valentine’s Day. Meet at a park or on your campus lawn and set up two blankets six feet apart. Bring your own meals and enjoy nature. Watch the sunset together while staying a safe distance apart. 

Have a Zoom Date

If you’re not willing to sit outside for a date, why not sit inside your own homes and have a Zoom meeting? You can both eat dinner together and enjoy conversation without leaving your house and risking exposure. You can find Valentine’s Day backgrounds online to make your call even more loving.

Have an Online Movie Night

Use Teleparty (formerly known as Netflix Party) to watch a chick-flick together. You can chat while watching through Teleparty, or you can just text from your phone. If you want to see your date, you can set up a Facetime call and put it on mute when neither of you are talking to eliminate any echoing.

Take a Walk

Maybe you’ve both tested negative recently and plan on quarantining just for this date. You can mask up and go on a romantic walk together. Go to a pretty park or explore a forest. If you haven’t been able to get tested for COVID but you have been practicing social distancing, this could still work for you. Just make sure you mask up and stay six feet apart while walking.

Have an Animal Crossing Date

If you can’t meet up in-person and you’ve watched everything you want to watch on Netflix, maybe a video game date will work for you. You and your significant other can decorate parts of your Animal Crossing islands with flowers and custom Valentine’s Day patterns along with the new Valentine’s Day items. Dress your character up for the date and visit each other’s islands for some fun. You can have a fishing competition or dive together in search of pearls. 

Even though you might not be able to spend this Valentine’s Day cuddling your date or holding hands, you can still have a fun time. Be safe and make memories while social distancing and just remember that this pandemic will end eventually if we all continue to follow the rules. 

Emily Rubin

Kennesaw '22

Emily is a senior at Kennesaw State University.