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In honor of Women’s History Month, here are five classic feminist movies that prove women really can do it all!


Sisters Anna and Elsa share an unbreakable bond as they fight to save their kingdom from icing over. Anna’s determination to find Elsa after she runs away from the kingdom proves just how loyal she is to her sister. Throughout the plot, Elsa realizes her independence and maturity by choosing her own path, while Anna remains loyal and supportive throughout the movie. These sisters prove that women can discover their own passions and support each other through thick and thin.


Cher’s classic “ugh, as if!” line reflects how women can be confident and happy without having a man in their lives. Cher teaches her new friend to relish in her independence as well in the movie but stays supportive when she decides to explore the world of dating. The relationship between Cher and her two girlfriends is full of wholesome fun and learning experiences that create a stronger bond of friendship. 


Mulan encapsulates the term feminism when Mulan sacrifices herself for her family and makes her way to the top of the battle ranks. She maintains her femininity while disguised as a man and performs twice as well as her comrades in the army. Her strength and determination are something female watchers can apply to their own lives.

Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman is a powerful warrior that still carries her feminine side on the battlefield. She believes in practicing compassion and forgiveness rather than cold-blooded anger towards her enemies. Additionally, Wonder Woman, directed by Patty Jenkins, became the biggest blockbuster ever directed by a woman.

Black Widow

Focusing on Black Widow, a character in the Avengers series, this character is raised in an assassination training facility and denied a normal life. An important part of her past is that she was sterilized as a part of her graduation, making her infertile. When this is revealed in the movie, the feminist side of Natasha is portrayed when she accepts her fate rather than mourn in her inability to become a mother. This can reflects real-life cases of infertility and empowers women to find purpose in other things in life without feeling subpar.

Women have had a long evolution of representation in the movie industry, which is continuing to progress as the years go on. These classic movies are simple examples of the vast movies that hold feministic power with their female character development. There is a strong future for female representation in movies as the fight for equality continues on.

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