A Spiritual Night

Bonfires have always been the perfect activity for big groups of people that are building a bond between them. Is the way the little embers stir up with the cold night and the chant of a crowd that creates that kind of comfort, peaceful and fulfilling sensation. It’s incredible how everything just feels better when you sit in a good bonfire. Food tastes better, no need to even mention how beautiful a marshmallow looks engulfed in chocolate syrup and flames that slowly mix both. Relationships also get a better with a good fire, camaraderie and friendship is augmented with the special feeling of the night, looking at the person next to you and having the sensation that theres a special reason why you both are united, singing besides a beautiful power of nature glowing in the dark. Now, imagine all this and add the presence of God into the perfect formula; the perfect bonfire.


Jesus Army gave us this Wednesday a good example of a beautiful bonfire with one big and sensational adoration time to God. President William Sorto came up with the idea of the bonfire to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the Jesus Army club, and what better way to do it that having all the members singing and worshiping God together as a big united group. Games where played, laughs where given, joy and fun was present that day, but by the time adoration was coming, it felt that even as everyone was having a blast of a time, they already knew that the highlight of the night would be the face to face encounter every single person in that fire would have with God. As the night progressed and everyone began mixing up with the perfect formula, lives where touched and love, perfect love represented in that fire, hugged us.