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Mari Alvarez: Campus Sweetheart

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Keiser LAC chapter.

Mari Alvarez has stolen our hearts with her amazing personality and sweet smile! A “Hey beautiful” is what you will usually hear after you greet her and there is not much else that compares to the feeling of being loved by this wonderful sheep’s soul! A secure friendship and love can be found in here, so next time you see her in the hallways, do not hesitate to say hello! Meet Mari!

Full Name: Maria de Los Angeles Alvarez Pozo

Hometown: Leon, Nicaragua

Major: Business Administration with a concentration in Marketing

Class Status: Junior II

Household: The New Covenant, BAAAHH!

Favorite food? “Homemade Gallina Rellena”

Favorite color? “White”

Favorite quote? “You have made us for Yourself, O Lord, and our hearts are restless until they rest in You.” –Saint Augustine

Pizza or hamburger? “A very cheese pizza, of course!”

Chocolate or Milkshakes? “CHOCOLATE! I have to confess I don’t like milkshakes all that much.”

What is the one thing you could never live without?

“The Eucharist. Once you realize Jesus’ real presence is in the Eucharist, you cannot live without it.”

What is something unique about you that not many people may know?

 “I love writing and I have a blog where I have uploaded some of my writings.”

What is your dream job or profession?

“I truly don’t have just one dream job, I have a list! I would love to…”

  1. Have a huge and beautiful healthy restaurant placed in Leon
  2. Own and manage a Coffee Shop/Book Store
  3. Give chastity talks to the youth
  4. Write books

How would you describe your ideal boy?

“Well, my ideal boy would be someone who is not afraid of giving his total self in a sacrifice of love for me. Oh, wait, that’s Jesus. Okay, my ideal boy would be someone who is constantly praying to be more like Jesus, than like anybody else. He would be someone who is not afraid of defending the truth, someone who loves Mary, going to Mass and praying the Rosary; someone who gives his heart totally to Jesus. A godly man willing to follow Christ no matter how hard it is in these times. Finally, my ideal boy would be someone who desires and works every day to become a saint.PS: It would be awesome if he also loves the Theology of the Body.”

Photo credits to Ximena Mills

Katherinne is a Freshman at Keiser University LAC. She is Vice-President of Her Campus Chapter club in Nicaragua. As a music lover and traveller, she spends her free time playing piano, singing, listening to music and looking for new places to explore. She loves acting, Tv, and her favorite place is the beach. You can find her on Instagram and We heart it @katherinnespl and Twitter: @GlittersSmitter.
Valeria is the correspondent and head editor of her chapter in Keiser University Latin American Campus and is a second-semester freshman pursuing a degree in International Business diplomacy. She has an addiction to reading, writing, and cookie milkshakes. She manages her chapter’s club on her campus in Nicaragua and is actively involved in other campus activities as well, but you can usually find her gushing about the latest novel she read, having lots of snacks, and playing tennis.