Girl Power in KU

Name: Isadriana Zelaya

Age: 21

Major: Business Administration

Class Status: Senior

Hometown: Nicaragua

Isadriana Zelaya has definitely shined around our campus. Ever since she was a freshman, Zelaya has been involved in many activities. She was president of the business club, leader of the Household Angelus, senator of her class, and now, the president of the Student Government Association. She has not only excelled in extracurricular activities, but also in academics!

What made you run for SGA president last semester? “To be honest, last year I asked myself this question several times, especially during the harsh moments of the campaign and the weeks before it. However, every single time that I found myself asking this, the answer was always the same: I was running because I do believe that the Student Government Association has a huge potential to support the student body. The opportunity of helping the students in all college related activities were worth the sleepless nights and the effort. When we were forming the team, nothing could assure us that we would win or not. Nevertheless, after looking at my whole team, I felt the motivation and drive to keep going and to keep myself positive in order to maintain the team’s spirit. I knew we could make things different for all of us, the students.”

Tell us about your experience during the campaign? “The campaign was actually very tough because it was not just one week; it took months of planning and organizing as well. It involved forming a team and learning how to work together, identifying who we were as a team, and finding out our mission. The campaign demanded time because we had to learn how to find the perfect balance to be able to keep up with our daily academic activities and also give a 100% for the campaign. The whole experience was quite draining, but once we took a look at the final result, we realized it was worth the effort. There were many moments of tension, disappointments, excitement, and much more. We can all agree that it is was an emotional roller coaster. But by the time it ended, it was incredible to realize that 15 students were able to keep going despite all of the obstacles we encountered. I believe that was the greatest reward we could get.”

What is a moment you cherish as a Keiser University student?  “I believe that instead of a ‘moment’, what I cherish the most of this campus is the fact that it gave me the opportunity to have a family away from home. Being able to share my days with so many incredible people will always be what I take from this campus, even after I graduate. There’s so much to learn from each person attending this university and plenty of opportunities to share with them. Weather it was at my household, the clubs I participate in, or even at the porch, or my room, I have surrounded myself by great people that I can call friends. Now, I currently have the opportunity to share my present and future experiences with the SGA team, which is also full of excellent people.”

What are your expectations for this academic year? “Before the start of this year, I settled many expectations regarding my status as a senior student and my position in SGA. Even though both of them go hand in hand, I have different expectations of each aspect of my college life during this year. As a student, one of my main concerns is to work harder than ever in order to graduate with academic excellence and be one step closer towards a scholarship for my Master’s Degree. As an SGA member my main concern is to change the concept have of SGA. I have to say however that the real challenge will be to balance my time and to be able to give my 100% in everything I do. I want to give all my effort in my classes, SGA, my household, my clubs and ministries; and yet still finding the time to enjoy with my friends and to work on my personal development.”