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Cuties of the week Michelle and Cristopher Garcia

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Keiser LAC chapter.

Age: 18 (Chris) 19 (Michelle)

Major: Criminal Psychology (Chris) Forensic Science (Michelle)

Relationship status: Single (Chris); in a relationship (Michelle)

Hometown: Heredia, Costa Rica (Both) 



Describe your relationship as brother and sister in three words:

MG: Trust, hilarious, sarcastic.

CG: Funny, upkeep, compliance.

What is the quality that like the most of each other?

MG: That he is not afraid to speak up (I’m really shy).

CG: I like how she is always concerned about my wellbeing.

What is the things you hate the most?

MG: He is too lazy.

CG: Her bossiness, even though it is because she cares about me.

What is the best memory you share with each other?

MG: Watching all six of the Star Wars movies and “battling” each other with toy light sabers.

CG: Building blanket forts on our bunk bed when we were little and spending the night in them with our younger brother

How good is your relationsip from a scale of 1-10 (ten being really good)? 

MG: Maybe between an eight and a nine (8-9).

CG: I would give it a nine (9).

What hobby/acitivity do you both share?

MG: Music.

CG: Making music!

Do you have inside jokes with each other?

MG: Any “How I Met Your Mother” reference.

CG: We always are sarcastic with each other.

How long have been apart from each other?

MG: About a year and a half.

CG: Maybe a bit more than a year.

Fun Facts:

·      Favorite food: Pizza and sushi (not at the same time)(Chris); Chinese (Michelle)

·     Place you would rather be: Germany or the U.S (Chris); Greece (Michelle)

·      Favorite color: Green (Chris); Black (Michelle).

·      Favorite outfit: A pair of black shorts, a white t-shirt, and my Star Wars Vans. (Chris); Vans, black, ripped jeans, my favorite black beanie, and any t-shirt that goes with it.

·      Role model: My mother. (Both)

I am a sophomore at Keiser University LAC, my major is psychology. I love to hang out with my friends and listen to music, discover new places is my favourite hobby specially if is with my family. My favorite place is my hometown San Pedro Sula, Honduras. I always enjoy for a trip to the ice-cream store, my parents are my biggest blessing and always my greater proof that true love do exist. Hope you like my articles:) 
I am a Sophomore in Keiser University Latin American Campus, and my major is Political Science. I enjoy reading, writing, and playing volleyball. I love Nicaragua, my favourite place is Granada because of it's rich culture, and vibrant colors. My favourite singer is Halsey, and her album Badlands is definitely my favourite album. I love having new opportunities, I am a risk taker, and I really enjoy taking on new adventures. Right now, I am enjoying the ride and I am learning new things every day!