Campus Cutie: Federico Calderon

Name: Marlon Federico Calderón Navas

Age: 23

Major/Concentration: Political Science with a minor in Theology

Cass Status: Graduating Senior

Hometown: San Salvador, El Salvador

Relationship Status: Single

Dream Job: I would like to work in an embassy, or in an NGO; E especially those which are dedicated to the children.

How would you describe your personality?

I would say that I am an outgoing person with a lot of enthusiastic. I tend to be shy and quiet when I first meet people but that is just for a while until I truly meet you.  

What are your hobbies?

I love to write and read poetry I enjoy spending time discovering new places to hang out. And also, I like to stay at home watching movies with the people I love.

What is your biggest ambtion?

I would like to create an NGO or a foundation for Blind and Partially Sighted Elderly People. 

Where do you see yourself in ten year?

Where God guides, He provides. That is my philosophy right now and I really hope He has good plans for me such as working for the needed and society.


What would your ideal date be like?

Drinking a cup of coffee and talking for hours and hours with that special person.

Favorite Food: Chinese food!

Favorite Movie:Iron Man and Frost vs Nixon

Favorite Book: The Prince – Niccolo Machiavelli/Love, women and life. Mario Benedetti.

Favorite Color: Red

Favorite Restaurant: The Green House, it is like a restaurant-garden in the middle of the city of San Salvador. You would forget about everything once you are there.

Favorite Quote: "Who does not live to serve does not serve to live". – Mother Theresa