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With the summer slowly approaching many students here at Kean University are soon to begin their internships to gain more experience and understanding in their major’s field. Whether a student is interning at a doctor’s office, law firm, clothing company, or even a magazine company, it is very beneficial to dress appropriately. Below I have created two sample pieces to give tips on appropriate outfits to wear to internships and still be in style.

The first piece is a simple ensemble with a little flare added. A blazer is a great essential to your closet. A simple black blazer and a blazer with color are both necessary pieces to have around. It gives you a very sophisticated mature look. A great addition to the blazer is a natural color pencil skirt. Colors like beige, tan, black, and gray are the perfect colors to wear with a blazer. You can also add a nice white, or cream blouse under the blazer. The blouse will add a nice pop to the entire outfit. When interning it is a good idea to look very professional from head to toe. The type of shoes you choose to wear is also a very important detail. Your shoes must be proper and comfortable. So with this outfit wearing a nice black pump is very ideal. This entire outfit is a good idea for students to wear who are interning at a bank, law firm, and a medical office. Having a professional look will show the company you are serious and dedicated to the internship. Dressing professionally will also pay off tremendously as well.

The second outfit is more ideal for internships at magazine companies, or clothing companies. As you can see this outfit is fun, and colorful, but it still manages to show your internship you have a sense of style to match your knowledge. Floral pants are becoming a trend again and I personally enjoy these pants because they are very easy to dress up, or down. Floral pants can be purchased at stores such as Forever 21, Mandees, Old Navy, and also Macy’s. To go with the floral pants a nice, simple Peplum top will be a great look. Peplum tops are another one of my favorite pieces of apparel because you can also dress this up professionally and casually. This outfit can be worn with both heels, or flats. Depending on the person. I chose a nude low pump because it brings the outfit together. Wearing this at a magazine, or clothing internship is perfect. It’s simple yet graceful.


Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.



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