"Pretty Little Liars" Halloween Episode Shocks


Alison comes back and leaves her Pretty Little Liars in terror!

Seeing people wear red coats is pretty typical, especially during the fall and winter seasons. They are always simple, but beautiful at the same time, especially with the cute buttons on them!

But what if you saw someone who you knew for years that you strongly remember passing away alive and wearing a red coat, would you still have the same opinions about it? Would you be scared, confused, or even curious about the truth?

Well, do you remember Alison Dilaurentis, the girl from Rosewood that everyone was jealous of in high school and also the girl that some people had an urge to get rid of forever? The night she disappeared after she hypnotized her group of friends Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hannah, someone was waiting for her outside and that person was her twin sister, the real Alison.

The fake Alison was Courtney Dilaurentis and her life was cut super short, because Alison hit her with a shovel and dug her in the backyard of their parents' house.  Now you figure hitting a person with a shovel would most likely cause trauma and the person would be dead, right?

If you answered yes, you would be wrong. Throughout the  first couple of seasons of “Pretty Little Liars”, the girls were scratching their heads trying to figure out who was sending A messages to them, and also trying to find out what happened to Alison. Even little detective Spencer was super close to figuring it out, especially when she kept catching little glimpses of “Alison” after someone pulled her out of the cemetery. Close, but no cigar.

In the Halloween episode, the fake Alison decided to help the girls and let them know why she keeps running away.  After the girls left Ravenswood and Ezra, Aria's former flame, who was also her English teacher, dropped them off back into Rosewood, they saw a glimpse of a girl in a red coat in the woods and they began to chase her down yelling, "Alison!"

The girl in the red coat led Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hannah to the barn next to the Dilaurentis's house and when they called Ali for a final time, the girl turned around. Courtney smiled and asked if they missed her. The girls were in such shock that the girl they knew as Ali was still alive, they couldn't speak. After a few minutes the girls were able to respond, but they decided to switch gears and get down to the mystery!

Hannah and Emily asked Ali why she doesn't just come back home. Ali explained that she wants to, but that they need to help her. Of course Spencer, being her Nancy Drew self, asked a more pressing question to Ali asking, "Who are you scared of?" In response Ali tells the girls to hush by placing her fingers on her trembling lips.

Ali spotted the person walking towards them and she quickly disappears like a ghost. The person who walks out with a flashlight was not the former A, Mona, neither was it Toby.

It was Ezra, Aria's teacher! Once Ezra meets the girls, he mentions to Aria that she left her phone and he looks behind the girls, for of course Ali.

So long story short, there is no mystery behind who is chasing Ali anymore or who the real A is. Here's the answer and it's Ezra! So the Pretty Little Liars need to watch out or he might just chase them out of town too!

Photo Credit: wall.alphacoders.com.