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This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kean chapter.

Senior English major Midiyna Bass can be found in the Writing Center where she is a friendly fixture, taking in the beauty of nature in the Be the Change Memory Garden, or talking it up with one of her many, many friends on campus. Bass definitely seems to epitomize the title “campus celebrity” even if she doesn’t consider herself one.

“I’ve just been at the Writing Center so long that people know me,” said Bass.

In total she has worked at the center for almost 5 years, since she came to Kean as a Freshman. Her job at the Writing Center as a writing coach seemed very fitting with her goal to be a writer, which she has had from a young age.

“I loved poetry from grade school,” said Bass. “I read my first novel from cover-to-cover in the 5th grade, The Things Not Seen. Ever since then I wanted to write. In 9th grade I joined my first literary magazine.”

Unknown to many, Bass’s popularity streak did not bloom in college, nor did her “give you the shirt off her back” caring attitude. As a senior at West Morris Central High School she won homecoming queen, but gave her crown to a friend who was also in the running that Bass felt deserved it due to her turbulent senior year. I experienced a similar act of giving first-hand when one morning Bass offered me half of her delicious, expensive, breakfast pastry from Starbucks.

Aside from being outgoing and considerate, Bass is also known around campus for being a bit of a hippie. In a Kean Her Campus article published last November about modern day hippies, Bass was quoted saying what made her a modern day hippie.

“Does it matter what type of music I listen to?” said Bass. “No. Does it matter where I chill at? No. Does it matter where I die at? No. That’s what makes me a hippie.”

Less than a year later and less than a month until graduation she retains a similar laid-back, nature-loving attitude.

“If it ain’t green, it’s mean,” said Bass.

In a Kean HerCampus article published last November about modern day hippies, Bass was quoted saying what made her a modern day hippie.
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