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Looking Fabulous in the Winter


Not everyone wants to dress in dull colors such as blues, grays, and blacks for this crazy winter we are having.  As Bre explains you can still be colorful, warm, and cute. Wearing a Nicki Minaj original jacket Bre adds lots of fun to her outfit. The best part of this jacket is the PRICE.  Bre bought this jacket from Kmart for the low price of $30. This meteor realism jacket can be dressed up or down.  Bre enjoys wearing this jacket with black denim jeans to the mall, and for a night on the town she wears this jacket with a pencil skirts and hot pink heels.

Along with the jacket Bre recommends wearing nude, and pale, colors on the face to allow the focus to be just on the jacket.  Bre choice of makeup for this outfit was a pale pink matte lip that can be purchased at your local drug store.  She also emphasizes that depending on the type of hair you have is what you will base your choice of accessories off of.  Because of Bre rock star hair cut she chose bamboo earrings.  The earrings were also purchased from the Nicki Minaj line at Kmart for the small cost of $8.

“Black denim jeans where you can buy from any clothing store is a great essential to a woman’s closet” declared Bre.  Black denim jeans can be dressed up or down which is a great thing to keep in mind. Bre purchased her jeans from Rue 21 which is clothing store similar to Wet Seal. The jeans were a SPECTACULAR price of $12.

Bre entire outfit cost a total of $50. WOW! This price is great for college students who are on a budget, especially for this ensemble.   It is also possible to be colorful, vibrant, fun and FABOULOUS in the winter while still being warm and cozy.  If Bre can make it happen so can YOU!


Fashion is my thing and I love showing my devotion to it through my choice of clothes”


Public Relations Major Kean University 21 Enjoy Writing, and Reading Love Fashion, Makeup, and Animals =D “It is never too late to be what you might have been.” ― George Eliot
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