Her Campus Presents You with a Healthy and Delicious Finals Survival Kit

You know how people say that college is a great experience, but it can be quite difficult when it comes to class work? Well they are partially correct. Class work is not the most difficult, finals are!

When college students hear the word finals, their heart drops. Finals are the hardest exam because they usually combine most of the content you discussed in your classes.

Well now you students can forget about the migraines and stress because Her Campus decided to do something that can help us cope with finals preparation week. They are providing us with a Her Campus Finals Survival Kit and here are the items that it will include.

1. Chipotle buy one get one card

Are you a huge fan of Mexican cuisine? Do you love to have a burrito here and there during the summer time?

    If you are a fan of burritos then use the Chipotle buy one get one free card. This gift card is perfect if you are on a budget because you only spend cash on one food item and you don't have to worry about paying for the other. So when you get this card, put it in your pocketbook, pick up your friend, and ride on down to Chipotle to get a fun Mexican cuisine inspired meal!

    2. Luna bars

    You know how some protein bars cost a lot of money and it's a hassle to keep buying them? Well now you don't have to because Her Campus is giving them to their members for free!

    Luna bars are delicious, don't have much sugar, super healthy, and come in a variety of flavors. Some of the flavors Luna bars come in are raspberry, strawberry, chocolate mixed with peanut butter, caramel, and many more. They are the ideal snack to have while studying for your final exams.

    3. Pop Chips

    Do you like pop corn? Do you like chips? Well try these pop chips!

    Pop chips have less salt then the average potato chip, less greasy, and come in a range of natural flavors. Some of these flavors include plain, sour cream and onion, barbeque, and many more. Here is a tip if you are going to have these at a party, place them on a platter with some onion dip, or salsa, and they will be gone in less then five minutes!

      Thank you Her Campus for thinking about us and sending us another fantastic survival kit!

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