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Fun activities to do during your summer vacation

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Kean chapter.

When your Spring semester begins to wind down you start to become extremely excited for your long fun summer vacation. You immediately begin planning in your mind some of the activities that you may do either by yourself, with friends, your boyfriend, or girlfriend, or even family members. Sometimes you may follow your traditional summer break activities, but if you are a person that likes to try new things then check out this wonderful activities list to make your summer break unique.

1. Plan a pool party

During the summer you probably attend parties at your friends or family members house, but you probably never threw your own pool party. Pool parties are a lot of fun and you can have your own special theme to it, like a Luau party. Luau parties are fantastic because it helps you bring Hawaii to your own backyard.

    2. Slumber party

    The summer time is the best season to have a slumber party because you can do activities with your friends both outside and inside of the house. You can wear fun pajamas like ones with shorts and tank tops, short sleeve tee shirts and fun printed pants. You can also paint each others nails bright summer colors and watch fun summer movies.

      3. Aquarium

      Aquariums are a lot of fun to visit during the summer. Although they can be slightly expensive it is definitely worth it. If you like marine animals like I do, you get the opportunity to see a lot of them first hand in an aquarium. Some marine animals that an aquarium includes are jelly fish, sting rays, sharks, different types of fish, and etc. They even allow people to pet some of the animals as well. Aquariums are also great because they have nice gift shops where you can buy reminders for yourself, your friends, children, boyfriend, or girlfriend, and your family. They also have a food court which is great so you don’t waste time having to purchase food outdoors.

        4. Try a new restaurant

        You know those days when you want to step out to get food with your friends, boyfriend or girlfriend and you want something different, but have no clue about where to go? Why not try a restaurant where you actually sit in a rainforest? Okay well not exactly in a rainforest, but it does have a rainforest theme. I am talking about the Rainforest Cafe in Menlo Mall in Edison, NJ. The rainforest cafe has a fantastic variety of food and drink choices. There is constantly entertainment with the mechanical gorillas making noise, as well as the mechanical birds and elephants. They also have rain (regular drops of clean water) that pours down every few seconds and sounds of a thunderstorm in a rainforest. They also have fish tanks that are jam packed with different tropical fish, and much more. There is even a gift shop which is cute for buying gifts for your little cousins and etc. This restaurant is a must try for the summer.

          5. Go to Central Park to take some photos

          Central Park in the Upper East Side in NYC is the set up for some popular television shows and even some films. “Gossip Girl”, “Sex and the City”, “Made of Honor” and “27 Dresses” were filmed in these locations. Central Park is a huge attraction in NYC and is a perfect location for taking some beautiful photographs with your friends, family, and boyfriend or girlfriend.

            6. Have a spa day

            With all the hard work you had to during the semester and stress you had to put up with, you deserve to totally treat yourself to a relaxing spa day. Going to a spa at a hotel can be expensive, but that does not mean that you can’t create your own spa day. You can look up tips on how to create your own facial masks, or you can just purchase one. You can play some soft music, or some girly tunes for background noise. You can buy some candles (if you like those) and other supplies that spas use to help people feel less tensed, and have a pampering day with your girl friends.

              7. Go to a club

              During one of your long summer nights, call your girl friends, dress up, fix your hair in a nice fun style, toss on some makeup, some cool shoes, and go clubbing with your friends. Going to a club is a great way to unwind, have a drink, or regular beverage like soda, or juice, and shimmy down all night.

                8. Karaoke bar, or lounge

                Karaoke bars, or lounges is an awesome place to kick back and sing with your friends. It is also great place to celebrate special occassions like a birthday, pre-wedding get togethers, family reunion, and etc.

                In NYC they have a lot of karaoke lounges where people can rent out an entire room for a few hours and jam out, and there are also karaoke bars which are less private, but still an exhilarating experience.


                9. Go to a water park

                During those hot summer days when you need a place to cool down and refresh youself, go to a water park. There are many water parks in New Jersey, but one of the best ones and cheap also that takes a little bit of drive, but it is a perfect place to have a jam packed day of adventure is Dorney Park. Dorney Park Wild Water Kingdom in Allentown, Penn. is two parks combined in one. Dorney Park has the typical amusement park rides that do not have any water added to them. Then the Wild Water Kingdom side has more then 20 water rides and three wave pools, in addition to water activities for children. It is an ideal place to bring a group of friends, boyfriend, or girlfriend, and family to. There is also food, delicious treats, and games as well. Check it out this summer and once you do, you will constantly want to go back to it.

                10. Create your own cocktail party

                Gather up some friends and have your own cocktail party. You can mix up your own drinks.You can have desserts like cupcakes, or chocolate covered strawberries, and etc.You can have your very own “Sex and the City” girly cocktail celebration night.

                11. Shark diving

                Now this activity is made for people that are extremely brave and are not afraid to put themselves in an uncomfortable situation. If you are one of these people, in addition to liking sharks then feel free to go shark diving. There are two ways that people go shark diving. One is going in a metal tank that is lowered into the ocean from a boat and having a face to face encounter with a shark (which is something that people usually do with a Great White Shark). The second choice, that is more risky is going swimming along side a shark with just scuba gear. My personal advice for this activity is to make sure that the shark that you have an encounter with is something like a Whale Shark. I am a shark expert and I happen to know that although Whale Sharks are obviously large in size, they are extremely friendly creatures and won’t hurt you in any way shape or form. 

                  No matter which activity you do this summer, I hope that you have a wonderful vacation that you will remember forever. 


















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